Saturday, 9 October 2021

Five Parsecs Expansion 2 overview

 I thought I would share a few pointers on Expansion 2 and what is planned.

The aim for the first three expansions is to try to cater to as many of the different interests as possible. Expansion 1 was aimed primarily at people who like to tinker and want alternative options in their game. NWG has always had a strong tradition of providing more options and more ways to customize things and I wanted that to be carried over into the "glossy" version of the rules. 

With Expansion 2, the focus is on new "stuff" to play with and add to your game worlds. 

The list includes:

2 new playable alien characters - The rat-like Skulkers and the space-dwarf Nirn. 

World classifications - This adds more detail to the world generation aspect of the campaign. Worlds can now fall into one of 6 categories depending on who is in charge all of which will affect various stages of the campaign sequence. 

Psionics - The one many people have been waiting for: This both adds full rules for player psionics (heavily modified from their original 2nd edition appearance, which was a bit too timid) as well as facing enemy psionics as well (which can be quite scary). 

A collection of new kit is provided, which includes gadgets for the psionics, 4 new types of advanced training and 6 Bot upgrades. Starships get a bit of attention with two new upgrades as well.

Economics gets some detail as well with detailed rules for loans. This takes the existing loan system and fleshes it out with variations in how aggressive loans are and what the lender is willing to do to collect, from late fees to hit squads.

Salvage jobs - The big one. This introduces a whole new type of mission where you get to prowl through a starship wreck (or similar site), gathering up resources and fending off possible enemy contacts.  This includes a "blip" system with a number of random factors to be faced off against. Those of you who have wanted a "space dungeon crawl"will get it here.

Non-miniatures combat resolution - A full system that uses the existing combat rules in a miniatures free environment. Perfect for playing in the car.

An expansion to the mission generation with new objectives and the chance of time limits or having to complete multiple objectives to finish the job.

Expanded connections - A "story driven" system where missions can spawn a connection to a prior activity such as someone you met or a place you have been before. In total, 30 "sub plots" can be triggered this way ranging from the simple to the pretty involved.

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