Friday, 10 September 2021

Long time no blog

 It's been a hot minute since I've had the surplus to do any blogging, so let's get that out of the way, since there's a lot to talk about. So in no particular order:

* As you have probably figured out by now, Expansion 1 for Five Parsecs hit: This is a grab bag of assorted options to tailor the game, tweak your experience (with difficulty in particular) and more and is available both directly from Modiphius here and Wargame Vault here

* One gentleman points out in his review that it should have included the non-minis rules for Five Parsecs. 

My man, my friend, Mi amigo (I don't actually speak Spanish). They didn't exist yet when the expansion was written. Time remains a straight line. 

I guess this is a good time to talk about the process such as it is. From the time I hand over content to the overlords, there's a bit of a delay before it hits a slot in their pipeline. Then it goes through their editor and my own for proofing, then layout and finally to your grubby hands. 

While this process is not super long, it does mean that there is a fair bit of time from I finish the manuscript until you see it. 

* What is this about other content for Five Parsecs?

The Nordic Weasel Patreon page remains active and is a place for people to support additional games development directly. In return for 5 dollars a month, people get a few neat things each month. This can vary considerably: Sometimes its a scenario to play through, sometimes its a new rules pack with things to try out, sometimes it is something being considered for a new official release and sometimes it is not. 

I also throw out the occasional freebie from the back catalogue, discount etc. Basically, its a way for people to support me and a way for me to say thank you. 

It is not typical for things to be Patreon exclusive permanently. If something is really cool, I want to make money off it after all, but Patreons will often see new things well before anyone else. 

* So Five Leagues is getting a glossy book. Yes! 

You can see the page and some of the new artwork here

The new edition will be packed with stuff. From dungeon adventuring to map based exploration, it is absolutely full of amazing things people have wanted. The plan is for a pre-order once the PDF is available in a few months.

They are fully committed to a series of meaty expansions for the game as well.

* To send off 2e Five Leagues and let people finish their collections, I have put together a bundle deal here 

This should be everything that was commercially released for Five Leagues in one fat bundle. It is 75% off and the website should calculate correctly if you already own any of the items.

This is a chance for people to finish out collections as well as as see some of the cool things we created together in the past couple of years. Many of the scenarios will work fine in 3e and you have a few months to mess with it in any event.

* Shipping, Five Parsecs and US retail.

Yes, it sucks. The book launched at basically the worst time in years to ship anything anywhere in the world. So the shipment of books to the US retail chains ended up sitting in harbor in the UK forever, then sitting forever in US customs. My understanding is that it should all be moving through the system now and pre-ordered books from US retail should be in your hands shortly.

I know more books from the second print run is headed state-side as well, due to demand.

* Which means yeah! We burned through the first print run and another is already en route. So that's pretty awesome. 

* There is a TON of Five Parsecs material on youtube now. Everywhere you look, people are doing amazing things with amazing looking tables. It's pretty surreal to see to be honest.

* But what about... ?

I remain a one man show, so some projects take a very long time to do. I remain committed to Squad Hammer updates though I occasionally go for a couple weeks where I don't have any chance to work on it. 


  1. Thank you for all your hard work, Ivan. You're doing amazing!

    Funny thing, if it hadn't been for the US shipping issues for 5P, I wouldn't have discovered Five Klicks From The Zone, and I'm loving it.

    We're all behind you, and grateful!

  2. "It is 75% off". No. No, I don't think so. Do you mean 25% perhaps?
    Will 2nd edition stuff continue to be available after 3rd edition is released?

  3. Mega-typo! I'll correct. Yes, 25% off. 75% of normal.

    Once 3e is released, the older stuff will likely leave WGV for a period to avoid people buying the old game and then being upset.

  4. Tell me more about the dungeon stuff in 5Leagues 3e. Modiphius's US supply issues mean I need something to sell me on the upgrade.

    1. So the way they work is the enemy will be scattered around your dungeon floor. Your objective is to investigate a number of points around the dungeon which may turn out to be loot, traps, more enemies, obstacles or more.
      There's a big stealth element as you try to move around without alerting the entire dungeon to where you are.

      I tried to make it feel more like you are actually infiltrating a hostile place.

      Dungeons are also often multi-layered with dangers accumulation as you return to the same site to "clear it out". They can also be connected to Quests or random events of course or even found randomly while traveling on your world map.

  5. I really need to finish off some campaigns so I can start anew with the shiny versions :-)