Monday, 5 April 2021

5 Parsecs rules Q&A

Q: Okay smart guy, how exactly do Rumors work?

A: If you do not currently have an active Quest, Rumors are added to the roll in the "Resolve any Rumors" stage before a battle. This increases your chance of finding a Quest. 

Once you find a Quest, your Rumors are set to 0.

If you have an active Quest, all Rumors are assumed to be pertaining to the quest you are currently on. Each rumor adds +1 to the "Determine Quest Progress" roll in the post-battle sequence, meaning they increase your chances of finding the final battle. 

Once you finish the Quest, your Rumors are set back to 0. 

Q: How many guys am I fighting?

A: Specialists and Lieutenants are part of the total enemy number, not additional figures. 

For example if I encounter 6 villains, there'd be 4 basic opponents, 1 specialist and 1 lieutenant.

Unique Individuals are added to the number encountered. 

Q: Can I have more characters than my crew size? 

A: Yes, but the crew size you selected for the campaign is the cap to how many you can bring into a battle. So if you are playing a "4 crew" campaign and have 6 characters currently, you'd have to pick 2 to stay behind.

Q: Can I change campaign crew size later?

A: Up to you. I'd pay a Story Point to do so. 

Q: Some of the species specific rules differ between the species profiles when I create my character and when the rules are referenced later on, which is correct?

A: The species profile should always be the correct version.


  1. I have a rules question regarding the hand flamer. Why does it have both Traits Focused and Area? Area excludes Focused to my understanding.
    Area already tells us that both attacks of the flamer must be directed at the main target. Additionally every other target within 2" will be attacked by a bonus die.
    Focused tells us to apply both attack die of the flamer against the same target.
    So if it is only allowed to attack one target with the two dice of the flamer Focused would suffice and Area would not apply.
    If on the other hand Area applies, Focus cannot.
    What am I missing?

    1. Cheers. They resolve sequentially. So resolve both attack dice against the same target. (Focused trait)
      THEN resolve the area dice against each nearby target according to Area.

      It's admittedly a bit wonky but I hope that helps.

  2. Thanks for the reply.
    Wouldn't Area alone do this without the need for Focus?
    'Area Resolve all shots against the initial target. They cannot be spread. Then resolve one bonus shot against every figure within 2”.'

    1. It would yeah. If I remember right, the hand flamer was originally just a focus fire weapon with multiple shots, but that made it too similar to the shotgun. So Area was added and Focus could have been removed at that point.