Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Squad Hammer updates

 While all the focus is on hunting down typos in Five Parsecs glossy mega-cool edition, here is a small update for Squad Hammer Core:

The introduction of the Armored trait. This is a simple yes/no status that can be applied to any unit. Is it armored or is it not?

Likewise, unit firepower is now simply rated as being good, weak or no anti-armor capability. If it is good, you can fire at armored targets normally. If it is weak, you fire at -1 to hit. If a unit lacks anti-armor, they can still attempt firing but now do only 1 point of damage (incidental damage, suppressing etc.).

This should make it much simpler for people creating units on the fly. The sample units in the PDF have been updated as well. 



  1. I can't wait for a full-fledged army builder for Squad Hammer.

  2. Maybe this will grow on me but at the moment I can't say it grabs me. I like the -1 to hit and the simplicity but the damage for weak rated weapons doesn't gel with me. Surely reducing damage (perhaps to 1D3 instead of 1D6) would be merited. Also not quite sure what type of weapons would fit the weak category. Heavy rapid fire machine gun like things, grenade launchers, anything better than a standard rifle but lacking punch is that the idea? Maybe I don't have to worry too much as the full version of the rules is just around the corner :)