Monday, 22 March 2021

Some news and a bit on Five Parsecs battle difficulty

First, some items have been taken down from the Wargame Vault to be reorganized. If there's something specific you are really hankering for, drop me an email and I'll get you figured out.

Secondly, the Five Parsecs campaign is designed to be a little on the easier side, once you have a crew up and running. This is intentional to prevent frustration and to allow shorter campaigns to be viable, but once you have some ability score increases and good gear, things can get rather too easy.

Future material will add "canned" scenarios and tougher enemy types to fight against, as Five Parsecs transitions into a model closer to that of Five Leagues.

Before we can get there though, let's look at some ways you tweak the game. You can use one or more of these options, depending on what you feel fits your game the best.


If you enjoy the current level of "stuff" going on in the game but want to be a little more strapped for resources, make any (or all) of the following adjustments:

Upkeep costs: Your captain is free. Pay 1 Credit for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th crew together. Pay 1 Credit for every crew past 4. 

Experience awards: Use the following values for XP after a battle:

Became a casualty               0 XP

Survived, crew fled             1 XP

Survived and held the field 2 XP

Killed Unique Individual    +1 XP to killer

Crew completed a Quest     +1 XP to captain.

XP are no longer awarded for the first casualty.

Adjusted upgrade table:

Reactions    Cost 8     Max 4

Combat        Cost 8    Max +3

Speed        Cost 5    Max 8"

Savvy        Cost 5    Max +5

Toughness    Cost 8    Max 5

Luck        Cost 10     Max 3

Battle difficulty

If you prefer tougher opposition, the following options can be applied:

Actually specialized:

Specialist opponents have a minimum Combat Skill of +1 and minimum Toughness of 4.


Lieutenants receive a 5+ saving throw against any weapons strike. A successful save prevents damage.


The base roll for a Unique Individual to be present is 7+, instead of 9+. Enemies that cannot be accompanied by a Unique Individual still roll, increasing the Combat Skill and Toughness of any one enemy figure by +2 each (to a maximum of Combat Skill +4, Toughness 6)

Movement all over the place

If you enjoy the idea of fighting a large number of enemies, like a true space hero, adopt this option:

At the beginning of turn 2, roll up a second enemy encounter against the same enemy type. If the first encounter group included a Unique Individual, do NOT roll for one in the second group.

Divide this second group into three teams of roughly equal size.

If you clear the table of enemies at the end of a game turn, the battle ends immediately with your victory. Any teams off-map do not arrive.

At the start of game turn 3, randomly select one team that arrives on the table from a random table edge other than your own.

At the start of game turn 4, randomly select a second team to arrive from a random table edge other than your own or the edge used in turn 3.

Finally, at the start of game turn 5, the last team arrives at the last table edge not used in turns 3 or 4.

For each arrival, 1D6 is rolled. On a 6, the arriving team is delayed. It will roll against next turn. No more than one team may attempt to arrive each turn, causing all waiting teams to be pushed back a turn when this happens.

So there

I hope these options sound fun. If you are truly mad, consider using all of them.

Best wishes

Ivan Sorensen

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