Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Five Leagues Skill Compendium + KPS 1.07

 Blog post a few days late, but the Skill Compendium for Five Leagues is available, offering a comprehensive list of all 2nd edition 5L Skills, including clarifications on both individual skills and their use in general.

Quite a few people have asked for this to make their lives easier, so I am happy to oblige. Included are also 4 new skills for Follower level characters.

Additionally, KPS version 1.07 is out now and available to download. This features the following changes:

* Fighters dying no longer forces a Bravery test (after all, they're expected to die horribly).

* Groups now test Bravery when they are reduced to 1 man left (which should make 3 figure groups a bit more fragile).

* Since it caused confusion to no end, I have clarified the rules for individual figures (to basically align with how most people were in fact playing it): Individuals do NOT belong to a troop class. However they can be given a bow as an upgrade. Currently that doesn't affect their stats in any way but does add a point or two to their cost. 

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