Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Five Leagues - Combat drags on?

If you feel that combat in Five Leagues drags on a bit too long, adopt the following house rule:

All Toughness scores are reduced by 1 in melee combat (but not when subject to ranged attacks, traps, hazards or any other source of danger).

That should speed things up a bit without breaking anything too badly. All other rules remain as normal.


  1. 1. Was this done in response to the session report posted on BGG?

    2. Do you plan to make this an official rule at some point?

    1. Thank you for writing.
      I don't truthfully remember but it might have been yeah.
      It may not end up being a formal rule, not sure. One of the last updates includes a more severe injury roll that I think is more interesting and less "special case".

    2. Thanks for the quick response. So if I'm using the current version (1.03), would it be better to NOT use the above house rule?

    3. I'd say give it a try but do check the optional 1.04 rule. I've reproduced it below.


      When rolling for Harm, an unmodified roll of a 1 is always a Stun. 
A roll equal or below Toughness (but not a natural 1) is Wounded and Stunned.
      A roll above Toughness is a casualty.

      Note that when using this rule, monsters with Monster Points (MP) will still follow the standard Harm roll."

      The rule on the blog works fine from my own experience but it's a bit of an inelegant solution I feel, so I am not completely happy with it.

    4. Is 1.04 already out? The newest version I can download from DriveThru is 1.03.

    5. You know, I just checked and I'd marked in my own notes that I had uploaded it... and then never did. I must have done it late at night haha.

      It'll be available today. I feel old now :D