Friday, 5 February 2021

Renegade Scout 2.05

 Version 2.05 of Renegade Scout is available, adding the following tweaks. The Army Builder includes these changes, the standalone Elite builder will be updated over the weekend.

* Armor points values have been adjusted up a little bit to better reflect their value. 

Combat, Drop trooper armor raised by 1 point.

Heavy armor raised by 2 points.

Assault and Breach armor raised by 4 points.

* Troop types:

Cost of Enforcers, Field Agents and Hulkers have been raised by 2 points.

Cost of Soulless has been raised by 1 point.

Cost of Mutants and Horde has been lowered by 1 point.

* Weapon mounts:

Vehicles can mount hull-mounted guns limited to a 90 degree field of fire. The points costs in the army builder have been adjusted down roughly 10% to account for this. 

* * * * *

These tweaks are not massive changes, but they should help bring troops a bit more into line with how they relate to each other. I'd rather make a small change and then go back to increment it more, than make a huge adjustment and then realize it has to be walked back.

For example, Hulkers may still be under-costed by a little bit, but this will help tweak it.

If you have opinions or thoughts on the values of assorted weapons and items, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


  1. Hi, apologies for posting here if not helpful/appropriate to do so. Recently got Renegade Scout and enjoying what I've read so far -plan to have a few solo games soon. Just a quick question as while I'm sure it's just me being a bit dim, I'm not quite grasping the Light vehicle Swipe rules at the end of page 64. My confusion is it mentions that a Light vehicle can swipe Infantry it moves within an inch of, but then pistol and melee weapons are mentioned, as is the driver being hit, so I wasn't sure if the intent is for both parties to fight here, or if I was missing something.

    Cheers in advance, and thanks for the games


    1. Glad you are enjoying the rules so far and asking here is fine. You are also welcome to email which is usually a bit faster for me to notice.

      When swiping each character rolls a die with a 1 inflicting a hit on the other. Basically they zoom past each other with a small chance of landing a blow. Its more of a risky, incidental type of combat. Usually bikers should be using their bike-mounted guns :)