Tuesday, 16 February 2021

FiveCore 4 and rules. First look

 Over the next days and weeks, I am going to talk a bit about what specific mechanics of FiveCore 4 will look like. 

We are starting with something very simple: Characters on the table.

FiveCore players are familiar with the concept of "a soldier is a soldier" meaning that a basic combatant does not require any stats or rules, since the game system already tells us what will happen.

With 3rd edition, the idea of Benefits was introduced to add bonuses to certain rolls, along with the more detailed mechanics of the skill and level system.

For 4e, we're getting rid of that since in most cases a +1 movement bonus or whatever is not all that interesting.

Instead, we will have a default set of 9 core skills which any figure can have, each having a particular effect. 2 of these are actually flaws, 1 is used to denote leader figures and the remaining 6 affect game mechanics. 

These will all be fairly significant in game terms and can be used to create specialists, elite squads or superior characters. For example a Runner can Dash and still fire normally, while a Brave character can attempt to rally without requiring an activation to be spent. 

A character with one of these skills (excepting the two negatives) is considered to be Level 1, a character with two of them is Level 2 and so forth. A highly trained assassin might be a Brawler and Independent, making them a Level 2 character. 

In a pick up game, you can simply give each side a set amount of levels to hand out, such as a Level 2 and a pair of Level 1 characters. Then players can simply pick the skills they would like. Campaign games will of course be able to award them over the course of multiple battles as well.

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  1. So it's a kind of exception-based design on the light side? I wouldn't mind that, as long as the reference sheet includes the keywords ;)