Saturday, 7 November 2020

Kitty sale!

We just got an opportunity to adopt an extremely friendly kitty to our family. As you may know, our old cat Mittens passed away earlier this year and Scruffy has been rather lonely, so we are very excited about the prospect.

Of course, getting a kitty fixed, getting all his shots and so on is rather spendy, so we are running a sale over the weekend to help defray some of those costs. In short, you get new gaming loot and Scruffy gets to make a new friend.

This allows you to pick up Renegade Scout: 

Five Leagues 


and Scum of the Earth

all for about half normal price. These are beefy games with lots of content, perfect for the cold winter months.

Additionally, Clash on the Fringe, our original rogue trader adaptation is available as a Pay What You Want title. This is a fully featured scifi skirmish game with a lot of clever touches.

Finally, if you did wish to throw in a few bucks on paypal, I would welcome that as well. The address is as usual.

Above is the new recruit.

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