Thursday, 26 November 2020

Happy thanksgiving and the new kitty


Introducing the new addition to our family Lancelot!
He is not quite as brave as his name might suggest: Plastic bags are still a terrifying monster to be studied from a safe distance. He IS however a lover and a scoundrel. 

Thank you very much to everyone who supported us in the sale or through your kind donations.

Here are both new kitty (bottom) and old kitty (top) having a moment of mutual understanding. 

* * * * *

I hope everyone who celebrates it has a safe and comfortable thanksgiving. I know many of you didn't get to go do the gatherings you wanted to do, others had to do much smaller affairs or cancel altogether. 

We are having just a little family gathering with the three of us and the new furry addition to the family. 

If you are stuck at home and feeling a bit down, I have something for you all:

Just for today, tomorrow and Friday, you can pick up a copy of Starport Scum absolutely free of charge. 

Just follow the link and download your game. It's playable with any handful of scifi minis you have lying around. If you get a space adventure going this weekend, do me a favor and email me how it went. 
With the year we've all had, we can all use a bit of joy :)

* * * * *

If space adventure is not so much your jam, for the rest of November, you can also pick up our revised medieval wargame rules for only a fiver.

Perfect for a bit of post-turkey day gaming. Maybe mount a viking raid to capture a turkey ? (Yes, I know, shhh)

* * * * *
Finally, Five Parsecs players can pick up scenario 5 Old friends bearing guns. A series of linked encounters complete with a "old rival" generation table.


  1. Thank you, Ivan. I have been eyeing Starport Scum for a while, but have been broke due to COVID. You are appreciated.

  2. Thank you for the nice gift. Hello to Lancelot and congratulations!