Sunday, 15 November 2020

General news

 Just a quick bit of news.


I am still working to finish two un-specific things that have been outstanding for rather too long. I am hoping this week should be fruitful. Unfortunately, last week I got sidetracked with another paid gig on the side.

I know some of you have been quite patient in waiting for specific items and I'm going to have to just ask for a bit more patience. 


A new option is available for Five Leagues, offering caves and pits to delve into. This both serves as a bit of a test for adding things to the world map, as well as testing out some ideas for future dungeon delve mechanics. 


New kitty is home :) 

We haven't given him his new name just yet, but he went by Robin at the shelter. He's shy but the first introduction to Scruffy went very well, so photos will be forthcoming soon.


The timeframe for Fivecore 3.x is still before Christmas. I am kicking around whether to show off anything beforehand, but we'll see. Right now, I'd rather stay focused on getting it done than spending too much time slicing off chunks to show off. 

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