Monday, 30 November 2020

Five Leagues 1.03 is here with a ton of goodies!

So I may have to personally apologize to a few because I'd said there'd be no further updates this year, but I hope you will forgive me. 

Truth is that Five Leagues has seen a huge amount of attention lately and drawn in a ton of new players, from all over the spectrum: Miniatures gamers, RPG folks, board gamers and probably some more. I've spoken to at least a couple of people who have said Five Leagues is their first miniatures game, but they decided to take the leap.

With that has also come a ton of player feedback and commentary, much of which I've had to hunt down around the internet by reading battle reports, blog posts and reviews. I think people are still not used to the idea of a game system actually being updated in response to feedback, so a lot of this never reaches my ears unless I go look for it.

If you are among the people who have helped send me corrections, suggestions and gripes, thank you :) It makes life much easier!

With that out of the way, given what a crap year we've all had I wanted a big fat Five Leagues surprise out for the holidays. Lots of you are going to be spending more time at home than you had intended, so let me try to make it a bit more fun.

* * * * *

Enough pre-ample, what's new?

Well, a lot. A LOT. 

First and foremost, a lot of small tweaks to make things clearer and easier at a glance, important bits have had text boxes added, that sort of thing. The book is also broken up into "books" similar to KPS or Renegade Scout 2, making it easier to see at a glance what part is combat rules and what part is campaign stuff.

Clarifications to existing rules:

Weapon restrictions at character creation only apply at that moment. 

When you begin a melee, you cannot swap weapons between exchanges.

Rules changes:

You can now carry spare weapons in the backpack and ready them for use in battle.

Story points has been streamlined a little bit, so it's easier to remember.

Combat rolls, Harm rolls and Armor penetration rolls can each only benefit from one item bonus and one skill bonus. (in other words, the biggest skill and item bonus you can dig up should be a +2 to each roll).

Deployment distances are now 2D6+6" apart by default and large table players have an option to make it 3D6+6". This should give just a tiny bit more movement before the scrap begins.

The rules for Toughness values over 6 are simpler and less janky now.

Wounds have changed. Instead of rolling to pass out, a Wounded character now gives attackers a +1 bonus to the Harm roll. In testing, this was both more interesting and less annoying to track.

You now have to be stationary to get the combat skill bonus when shooting. Not a big deal for crossbows but will limit archers a bit. I know a lot of people want to see reductions to archery strength, but I don't want to make multiple changes and then it becomes too much. So we'll start here.

Campaign changes:

The roll to pick which Threat you face is different. On a 1-2 you face a random threat at the location, 3-4 is the highest Threat and 5-6 you get to choose. This should be more interesting than the prior system.

An optional rule has been added so if you fight a particular enemy and don't win, you can fight them again.

The "Theme" section for Threats has been removed from the campaign set-up sequence. I want to redo them proper in the future.

Each region is now a little larger: 2-4 villages will be present and starting Threat scores will increase a little bit.

Threat reduction is now automatically 1 point if you win. Losing gives you a roll if you knocked off a personality or enough grunts to make a mark. This, combined with the above changes, should result in a more consistent length of campaign and avoid some frustration.

Due to this change the Track action in town now lets you roll twice for enemy types and pick. Handy if one of them comes with a reward!

The Unusual Finds post-game have been tweaked a bit to make some results more interesting. There's now also a chance of tracking down an enemy camp.

Contracts. This bit is huge. When you are in town you can roll to get a contract which is a mission that is outside the Threat system. There are a few types including escorting a villager somewhere or avenging someones death. 

An optional rule has been added giving you an objective to achieve in normal pitched battles.  This offers a way to earn bonus XP without having to hold the field, if the enemy is too tough.

Item changes:

A character can now carry three weapons, provided one is a light weapon.

Enemy changes:

Corrupt were reduced to Toughness 4.

Grave Walkers were reduced to Armor 1.

Raiders, Skirmishers and Cultists were raised to Movement 5.

Infernal personalities now grant 2 bonus XP if you destroy them in melee.

Leader figures now have some armor and toughness caps.

Enemy archers now melee as a light weapon.

Monsters have had their toughness reduced a bit here and there.

* * * * *

In short, a ton of changes that should make the game flow quicker, be more interesting, be more fair and more fun. 

Combined with the new Contract and Objective system, there's also more to just do. 

I hope you all enjoy this huge update. It was a bear to put together. I'm sure a typo or two slipped through so hold on printing it until it has been a few days past release. 

This update is freely available to all players. If you want to show your appreciation, a paypal donation at is welcome. These updates are time consuming and do not earn any revenue otherwise. 

If you have not bought into Five Leagues yet, there's no better time. You can pick up the game here: 


  1. Thank you, Ivan. As you know, I have been proselytizing Five Leagues since the first edition. And I think what you've done with the shooting is an outstanding solution.

    Unrelated: I'm trying to pimp Five Men In Normandy to my Bolt Action group.

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah, the hope it that preventing archers from getting the best shot every turn will tone them down juuuuust a little. My testing was pretty positive at least.

  2. Excellent base system with a lot of applications.

  3. 'pre-ample' ... I've decided that's the most brilliant pun I've ever heard (as opposed to a typo), considering how you continue to support and extend your product lines. Exalt to you sir!

    1. It was actually meant to be a pun on "Ramble"!
      But thank you either way, very kind :)

  4. Hi Ivan, I am setting up for my first campaign in Five Leagues, but I am very fond on 17 century settings (Three Musketeers kind of things). Have you experiment, or do you have any suggestions how could I implement flintlock pistols etc. to Five Leagues? Or maybe it's already in one of the expansions (I have just the core rules). Thank you for your games, I love Five Men and Five Parsecs!