Friday, 6 November 2020

A ton of stuff this Friday


Greetings gamers.

This friday brings a ton of cool stuff.

First, the Upgrade Pack for Five Klicks From the Zone.

This expansion pack focuses on giving you more rules options in your post-apocalyptic battles, including special character skills, gun upgrades, tougher enemies, a way to continue an existing campaign after you win and story points.

It is available at 

Renegade Scout players can take better care of their troops with Battle Medics of Unified Space, which adds both squad-attached specialist medics and independent hero medics to your forces. 

With a new pack, the Elite Army Builder has also been updated to incorporate the new points values.
If you don’t have it yet, this is a complete compilation of all official unit options for the Army Builder in Renegade Scout, allowing you to construct armies easily. 

KPS players can enjoy a nice record sheet by Jason. Simply go to My Library on Wargame Vault and download it. If you are still missing out on our medieval skirmish rules, grab it now before the fantasy expansion is finished, so you are ready 

Finally October Hammer, our Russian civil war rules, sees two small updates to clarify weapon ranges and fixing a typo in the terrain section. If you fancy getting started in the cold east, why not check it out at 

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