Sunday, 29 November 2020

A bit about the immediate future

As a holiday recedes and another approaches, I thought I'd post a couple of updates on things:

FiveCore news

I've kicked around the tons of feedback and ideas over the years, piles of emails, my own thoughts and play tests etc.

In addition to general polish and excitement, the big goal for me to allow the game to scale easier, allowing you to play games ranging from a couple of troops on each side up to about a platoon or more. My initial testing has been pretty positive but of course there's plenty that can go wrong.

One of the things I think may hurt people taking the leap and picking up the game is that the rulebook is a big beast. If you already play it, you know that you need very little in the book during play, but of course that's not something a prospective new player will know.

As such I am considering breaking the book up into two books: An "Engine" book which will have the combat mechanics and weapons, basically everything needed to sit down and play a battle, and then a "Battlefield" book which will contain all the campaign rules, leveling up, random tables etc. 

If all goes well, the Engine book will available in December, free to existing players and priced pretty aggressively for newcomers. Cheaper than the current book obviously.

If I can swing it, the Battlefield book will be available as quickly as I can afterwards. I am not sure what the price level will be here, it depends on how much content ends up being in there. The current plan is that people who donated get it free and existing players get it half-off or something like that. We shall see.

Squad Hammer news

At the end of January or mid February, I hope to have Hammer of Unified Space available. This is a Squad Hammer powered "complete package" scifi game set in the Unified Space setting, containing game rules (based on a slightly expanded Squad Hammer Core) and at least 6 army lists, plus assorted scenarios and other goodies.

This is intended as a "mid-tier" package with simple rules, aimed at being easy and fun to play, but still offering a complete experience in a single book. 

Slaughter Sword

"Renegade Scout Fantasy" is being worked on, but I do not have a date to speak of and it won't be "soon".

I might make available a few creature profiles and whatnot to test out using the current RS2 rules to get people up to speed.