Thursday, 1 October 2020

Q&A for October

 As we move into October, answers to a few questions that have come up in the past couple of months, as well as a few I found by looking at old emails and whatnot.

Note that questions are paraphrased from their original sources.

Do you hate retro clones?

No, I don't or I wouldn't have written one. But I think the RPG indie circles lasting obsession with rewriting OD&D on a weekly basis is the equivalent of finding different condiments to put on the same McNugget. Sometimes it's okay to try Burger King instead.  

Who is your favorite wargame designer?

Jon Tuffley of Ground Zero Games because Stargrunt 2 is brilliant and he's also a super cool dude.

How many times should a scenario be play tested?

By the writer? 2-3 times is plenty. Beyond that, the utility diminishes rapidly because you'll be blind to your mistakes. 1 game played by complete strangers is worth 10 games you put on yourself.

Why haven't we had any big rules updates to 5X in a while?

After the big changes to Five Leagues in Marmoset, I wanted to avoid big overhauls for a while so the core rules can stay pretty stable. For Five Parsecs, there's some big stuff in the semi-near future. 

What do you think about pirating books from companies you are boycotting?

I think it's stupid. If you are talking about the game and playing it, you are literally advertising the game for the company. 

If you want to boycott some company for being trash, then don't read or play their games. It's not like we have a shortage of good games.

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