Thursday, 8 October 2020

Five Leagues examples. Visiting town

 A quick example today with my apologies for taking a few days since the last one.

Today we look at visiting town and getting ourselves ready as we arrive at Old Hill.

This mostly just follows the steps in "The campaign turn" chapter of the rulebook with no additional options applied.

Since this sequence will play out a bit differently when we have a bunch of wounded guys and so forth, we'll actually revisit this again after a battle.

To remind you all, step 1 took place here and step 2 here

Village events

This step is optional, but we'll use it. We get to roll on the Village Events table to see what local conditions are like. A roll of a 32 means our group has An ill reputation. Clearly the locals are suspicious of a gang of heavily armed weirdoes with impulse control issues, and that seems fair enough.

The off-shot is that I cannot select the Carouse action in town this turn. 

These effects only last one campaign turn (unless you roll the same result again) so presumably once we've been in town for a bit, we'll win them over.

Pay upkeep

If we had more than 8 warband members, we'd have to pay for upkeep now. As we're just starting out, that won't be the case. 

Healing up

Injured characters will have to rest now. This isn't an action as such, but they cannot do anything while resting. As we are just starting out, we can skip this step as well.

Carry out activities

We now get to carry out 2 actions in turn. Since Carousing is out, I look over the list and opt to Labor (earning us 2 extra Gold Marks bringing us to 19 total).

Old Hill has a serious problem with Border Tensions, so I opt to take the Track actions to see if we can get a lead on our enemies. I roll a D6 requiring a 5+, but the die is a 2, so no luck.

Where are we going?

We have little reason to stick around, so we will be adventuring this turn. 

Sell unwanted gear

I have a spare standard weapon lying around, which we could turn in for 1 Mark, but you never know when you need a spare sword so I'll hang on to it for now.


Our party could use a bit of upgrading, so I am going to spend 3 Marks buying a Helmet for one of the heroes missing one (taking us to 16) and get a packs of Bandages (2 Marks, bringing us to 14).

These items are coming from the Common goods section, so we can buy them as we see fit but no more than one of each item per turn.

I can also roll for a rare trade item and I get a 74, offering up a Shadowy Cloak for 12 Marks. That is tempting, but I feel like I may want that money later, so I'll hold off. There's no need to track anything as the item is only available this turn.

Outfit for adventure

I am happy with the gear my characters are carrying. As one of my heroes has Packing skill, I can bring up to 7 backpack items, though we're nowhere near that limit. The bandages count as 1, while both doses of herbs count as 1 item together. We have plenty of empty space if we find anything exciting out there.

Recruit some villagers

As I have 8 healthy team members, this step is skipped. We can proceed to take on some sort of threat on our own. 


  1. Do you ever need to flesh out a town or is it always abstract. Just a dot on the map?

    1. Cheers.
      At the moment, the town is abstract since it serves more as a backdrop to the campaign. I have some plans in mind for things like towns being attacked or missions that take place within the town.

  2. Also, there are two towns as supplements that provide a little more detail for those doecific locations. And the first few scenarios of The Goblin Hills take place within the town itself.