Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Renegade Scout 3??? Well, no but read on

 While working on the RS2 update, there were a thousand ideas that got rejected for being too wild or would have pushed the game too far away from its inspirations.

So I thought I'd share a look at what THAT version might have looked like. Maybe down the road we'll have a spin-off.

Leader skill and Cool Under Fire merged into a single stat (Fighting Spirit?)

Intellect and Observation merged into a single stat.

Power probably just removed.

All stats balanced around 1 die roll tests, instead of some testing on 1 die and some on 2 dice.

All dice rolls changed and rebalanced to use a D8 (yes).

Morale tests changed to a FAD-style 2D8 test (pinned if one die fails, broken if both fails).

No phases. Instead when a unit activates, it takes 2 actions.

Probably a bunch more stuff, but that's off the top of my head.

Want to see this some day? Let me know. 


  1. Honestly, my only interest in Renegade Scout is the backwards compatibility with the orginal Warhamster 40,000 Rogue Trader game. A much better game for forces of the size originally envisioned was FASA's "Vor: The Maelstrom" which had some amazing ideas in terms of game design that never had the chance to be explored.

    1. Appreciate the insight mate. We did play a lot of Vor (as well as Warzone) around that time.

  2. All those ideas actually sound really good, I would love to see such a set of rules. They all do fundamentally change the game though, especially from its roots, so might be better under a different title, but then of course you have yet another set of rules to maintain...

  3. Hey, so I'm the guy who posted the "Renegade Scout: Fast and Loose" actual play on the Solo RPG subreddit a few weeks back. As I mentioned there, what I really like about Renegade Scout is the kitchen-sink gonzo scifi aspect, the idea that you could have a company of drop troopers fighting a company of cyborgs alongside a company of space elves. Never having played the original Rogue Trader, the compatibility aspect wasn't of much interest to me. I think a game that maintained the same flavor while streamlining mechanics might expand your audience perhaps, but you'd know better than me. As a solo player, I personally would be interested in more campaign rules, more gm tools, and more rules for combined arms. Also, I know you're probably not interested but if you put out any kind of solo-suitable spaceship rules, I'm there.