Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Funding for FiveCore 3.1

 While thoughts will soon turn to Squad Hammer, I want to do an update of an old Weasel classic: FiveCore skirmish in the fall and winter.

* * *

The goal for the update is as follows:

* Transfer the document to Pages and update it to the layout standards I currently use.

* General spot check for bad wordings, unclear rules, add a whole bunch more examples, diagrams, reorganize the book a bit to flow better etc.

* Introduce more options for the activation system, including "Five Men at Kursk" style dice, individual action options, fireteam activations etc.

* Points system for pick-up games.

* More straight-forward rules for vehicle damage (armor ratings etc.)

* Streamline the skill system to both make veteran troops easier to represent and cooler, but also avoid "boring" level ups and marginal skills.

* Revisiting weapons to make them easier to use, cooler, more distinctive etc. 

* Include examples of historical and scifi troops ready to use.

* Rules adjustments for play styles (cinematic, gritty etc.)

* * *

As with Renegade Scout, I'd prefer to not release a new book. It means losing all the old reviews and ratings, and it means everyone having to go get a new book as well as confusion about what edition people are using.

However, unless I can pay rent and make my car payments, I can't write games.

So I'd like to fund this the same as I did Renegade Scout: Through fan donations.

If you weren't here for the first round, it's quite simple: You guys send me money on paypal to make this game happen. No middle-men, no external websites. Just keeping it simple.

The goal is 500 dollars to guarantee everything above. 

If we don't hit that amount, I'll scale back the ambitions. 250 dollars is the absolute minimum level, but we'll hit that easy. We get more, I can spend more time on it. In an ideal world, I could just knock off for a month and only work on FiveCore. 

I get the money, the game happens and everyone simply gets to download a wicked new copy. 

If we get more, I have a bunch of ideas that could be done, but I'll reveal that as we get there.

* * *

How can you trust I won't just go to Haiti with the money? You'll have to take my word for it. 

I've released 40+ titles, done 8 or so crowd-funded updates to game rules, including the positively massive overhaul to Renegade Scout and released 3 games through indiegogo that all got released even though we didn't meet the goal.

But that's the beauty of it. You trust me and you want this to happen? Throw in 10 dollars or throw in 50. Whatever you feel comfortable with. 

You aren't sure yet? Throw in a couple of dollars to help it along. 

* * *

The time frame is that I will start the work in early or mid October and hopefully the game will be available at the end of November or in December. 

* * *

How do YOU make this happen?

Make donations through Paypal at 

Make sure to put in the description what it is for.

If Paypal is not an option for you or you don't feel secure using it, buy a "Pay what you want" NWG product and email me with your donation amount. Do note that I lose 30% of the amount that way, but if it that works better for you, we can work with that too.

Spread the word online. I know there's a lot of old FiveCore hands out there, and I know some of you scamps pirated the game the first time. You can cleanse your soul AND support the game now. 

Any questions? Ask below.


  1. I've made a small donation to support you today.

    I'm looking forward to the new version.