Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Five Leagues - Setting up. Step 2

 In step 2 of our campaign prep, we need to establish the region we're going to be exploring. 

This all starts on page 65 of the rulebook "Starting the campaign". 

We need to select a region to play in. If we use any of the supplements, we have more choices, but the rulebook just gives us three: The Hinterlands, the Borderlands and the Wilderness.

We're going to go for the Borderlands.

* * *

Next we need to know how many villages there are. This basically establishes the length of this chapter in the campaign. 

A D6 roll of 1-2 gives one village, a 3-5 gives two and a 6 gives three. 

In the Borderlands, a result of a single village is treated as a two however. I roll a 4, which gives us two villages to visit. I opt to name them Shadow Pond and Old Hill. 

You might like to make a map of the place now, or you could borrow a wilderness map from any RPG source and just mark the locations there. This doesn't really affect the game, but it does make the story feel much more real. 

* * *

Now that we know where we are, we need to figure out why. Again,we're just using the threats in the rulebook, so there are three types present: Outlaws, representing assorted criminals and bandits, Border Tension, representing the risk of invasion and raiding and Dark Secrets, representing the dark fantasy reality of the game world. 

The dice give me Outlaws 4, Border Tension 4, Dark Secrets 3.

There are three themes listed in the book which can modify these. I opt to pick the Game of Crowns theme, which reduces Dark Secrets and increases Border Tension.

The end result is Border Tension 5, Outlaws 4, Dark Secrets 2 for Old Hill. 

The region might be in an area of contested land with lots of petty raiding and skirmishing between the barons. As a result, it has become rather lawless, much to the lament of the locals. There are a few dark forces at play here, but just what you'd expected in this setting. 

Since I rolled two villages, I roll again using the same rolls and modifiers and get Outlaws 4, Border Tension 6, Dark Secrets 3 for Shadow Pond.

* * *

Now, I have my campaign ready to go and I can begin by taking my first turn. 

I could start at either of the villages, but Old Hill seems fine for now.


  1. Can/should a region map be used and filled as you explore so that an area can be returned to or, is it always a random location? I understand that at the scale of combat the exact battlefield layout can be pretty random but, to set Themes I would think a region map would be handy.

    1. Cheers. I prefer to keep a map to add a bit more color to the world.
      There's often not a reason to return, but it is intended that you can if the need arises yes.