Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Five Leagues - Setting up a campaign - Step 1

 Today, we are going to take a look at creation of a warband and setting up our campaign. 

We will assume the standard challenge level, so we get 4 Heroes and 4 Followers.

All page references are as of version 1.02 and character creation begins on page 55.

* * *

The starting profile for all characters is the same:

Agility 1, Speed 4, Combat Skill 0, Toughness 3.

A basic combatant without a whole lot going for them.

We are going to start off with our heroes and roll on each of the four tables at the bottom of page 55.

Note that if we were making a Dwarf warband (from the supplement) we'd need to use their tables instead.

* * * 

Hero number 1:

We roll a 5, 12, 3 and 12 with our D20. 

That gives us +1 Combat Skill, no Will or Luck points, 2 Gold Marks and no skills. 

Fair, I guess our first character is a pretty straight forward soldier. The 2 Marks gets added to our overall party inventory. We don't have to track who has what money in their pockets.

Profile then is Agility 1, Speed 4, Combat 1, Toughness 3.

* * *

Hero number 2:

We roll a 14, 9, 10, 15.

That gives us +1 Toughness, no Will or Luck, 4 Gold Marks and no skills. 

We can use a buff looking miniature for this guy, since he's thick-headed but not otherwise notable.

Profile is Agility 1, Speed 4, Combat 0, Toughness 4.

* * *

Hero number 3:

The dice score a 2, 19, 18, 7.

That gives us +1 Agility, +2 Luck (lucky!), a Fine Weapon of choice and 1 Skill.

We roll D100 on the skill table on the next page and a 42 gives us Dodge. 

I am feeling this is shaping up to be a rogue of some sort.

Profile is Agility 2, Speed 4, Combat 0, Toughness 3. I note down 2 points of Luck.

* * *

Hero number 4:

I roll a 4, 8, 10, 3.

That's +1 Agility, no Will or Luck, 4 Gold Marks and a Skill. 

The Skill table is a 78, giving us Packing skill.

Profile is Agility 2, Speed 4, Combat 0, Toughness 3.

* * *
Selecting equipment:

I can give two of my Heroes a Quality weapon of my choice. Looking in the weapon chapter, I decide to pick a Bastard Sword for Hero 1 and a War Spear for Hero 2.

The remaining two Heroes can then receive a Basic weapon. I give Hero 4 a Self Bow while Hero 3 gets the Fine weapon I had rolled up. It'll just be a Standard weapon, like a sword.

Since I'm allowed to take a Basic weapon for each hero that didn't get a Quality weapon, I take another Standard weapon that will go in my inventory in case someone loses their weapon.

For armor, I kit out Hero 2 in Full Armor and Hero 1 in Partial armor. The other two get Light Armor. 

Hero 1 gets a Shield, Hero 3 gets a Helmet. 

* * *


These all use the standard profile, so I just roll a D100 four times and I get 17, 33, 58, 86.

I have acquired myself a Stout Yeoman, a Wily Rogue, a Hopeful Youth and an Outcraft Drifter. 

I can give one of them a Self Bow + Light weapon which sounds like the yeoman. The rest get Standard weapons. For armor, I put the Hopeful Youth in Light armor, give Militia armor to the yeoman and drifter and no armor for the rogue (it'd cramp his style!).

* * *

Unusual background:

If I want, I can roll for an unusual background and assign it to one of my characters.

I opt to do so and get a 52, giving me a Driven Crusader. Sounds like Hero number 1 to me!

They get a point of Will and are now prohibited from fleeing a fight. Fair. 

* * *

Party resources:

So far, we have 10 Gold Marks and a spare sword lying around. 

I can roll 1D6+4 (since I have 4 Heroes) and take that much extra money, which lets me start with 7 more Marks for a total of 17. 

Lastly, I tally up two doses of Medical Herbs which goes in my backpack. 

* * *

Finishing touches:

I decide to go with Hero 3 for my Avatar, so they get 1 point each of both Will and Luck, bringing them to Will 1 and Luck 3. That should keep them around. I opt to make Hero 4 their Retainer.

Lastly, I roll for Story Points but only get a 2. Oh well. 

* * *

With that, my warband is ready to be played and the next step will be to set up a campaign area to fight in. 


  1. Does a similar write up exist already for Five Parsecs?

    1. We're working on some pretty big updates behind the scenes, so not yet. Stay tuned :)

  2. Nice to make it look simple instead of pages of rules text. ;)

    1. Thanks! When I get to the gameplay turn, there'll even be pictures!