Monday, 21 September 2020

Assorted updates

 First, a new pack is available for Five Parsecs, offering some rules options to tinker with, including AI dice rolls.

This was originally going to be folded into the Rules Compendium, but that needs some updating I think, so I'll try to merge them together later on.

There are some big Five Parsecs updates that I can't quite talk about yet, so I don't want to do anything too big right now.

* * *

If you have been holding off on printing Renegade Scout, go for it. I just uploaded a new version with a ton of typos corrected. A "HQ" version of the file is included which should have sharper images. If you are printing or just arent concerned with file sizes, use that one.

* * *

Some typos were corrected in Five Leagues as well. If you haven't downloaded a fresh copy in a while (or are looking to get that printed) go ahead and download the newest version there as well.

* * *

A few people have mentioned that they would like some tools to help get into the game: Quickstart guide, better reference sheets etc.

I am looking into options for that. For now, I'll note that Every Journey Begins on a Road, includes a tutorialized start to the campaign, easing you into the game with a slightly smaller warband size. 

So that's a good place to start I think. 

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