Monday, 3 August 2020

Renegade Scout 2 updates

A quick update.

Currently, the close combat updates are done, the battle games material has been tweaked and inserted into the game, vehicle rules have been improved and light vehicles incorporated and reaction fire has been added.

The next big step is the army builder and points system revamp. This includes several steps:
Updating the points system to account for more stuff, including points costs directly into the species and weapon lists, fleshing out the army builder system and readjusting a few things. 

In short, this is the main part of the work. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Hiya Ivan, I recently got into 5 Parsecs and just bought five core pulp as well, I like your games! I'm interested, how long has it taken you to rework this one? Did I read somewhere that 40k v2 was an inspiration? That was a great version of the game, by v4 I was out- the system felt more restricted. Cheers Steve

    1. Cheers. Its about a month or so for the revamp I think ? The goal is to have it out this month.

      It is based on a mixture of Rogue Trader and 2e, but heavily rewritten to flow better and feel more modern. 2e remains my favorite edition of 40K.