Monday, 31 August 2020

Renegade Scout 2.0 changes

Renegade Scout 2.0 overview of changes

With the new book finished rules-wise, I thought I'd take some time to talk about what the new changes actually entail. 

The actual update will be available as soon as I finish tinkering with, adding diagrams (yes!) and other polishing touches. This also means trying to catch as many bugs as possible. 

I can't give an exact time because if I do, I'll 100% get sick or the cat will build an illegal rocket ship or something else will happen. But as soon as humanly possible.

The below is an attempt to catch as many of the changes as possible, but there are a ton of little things you'll have to see for yourself. It is my hope this all helps make the game as fun and exciting to use, as well as (particularly) helping people get up and going faster.


The book has been reorganized to flow better and make more logical sense. 

Things are more clearly delineated as well and this should make it easier to print updated sections and swap them out in a binder or similar.

A ton of small tweaks have been made to make things easier to understand, use and play.

A starter scenario with pre-built forces and stat references is included as well. 


Squad size

The game now assumes 5 figure squads for infantry, fitting the type of games people were actually playing better.

There is nothing prohibiting you from using larger units, though I’d recommend that 10 figure squads are instead broken into two separate squads on the table. 

This should also make the game more accessible to new players. Two packs of 8 15mm figures will now give you 3 squads plus a spare figure to use as a leader.

Core game changes

Open formations

This is now a troop upgrade. Either the unit is capable of using it at no penalty or it lacks the ability. 

This change was mostly for the purpose of stream-lining. 

Spotting and sheltering

Spotting Personality figures is now at a -1 penalty.

The rules have been clarified to make it clear that vehicles cannot Shelter. 

Targeting changes

When shooting, a figure must now target a choice of the closest visible  infantry or vehicle target.

A Cool Under Fire test can be taken to select a more distant target. 

This change should both help anti-tank troops function a bit better, as well as making Cool Under Fire more desirable. 

Watch Fire

A form of reaction fire is now available, though it is marked as an optional rule.

Weapon changes

Several new weapons have been included, including ones seen before in supplements. 

A number of equipment items have had their rules adjusted to work better.

Most (but not all) base infantry rifle-type of weapons have had a Rifle Trait added.

When stationary and firing from cover, range is increased by +4”.

This isn’t a massive change, but it should reward slightly more realistic tactics as well as avoiding combat distances feeling quite so comic-book. 

The Ammo Feed rule has been removed.

All Slow weapons in infantry squads can benefit from an assistant, allowing the weapon to move and fire at a penalty. 

Blast weapons are now aimed at a target point on the ground and are not modified for cover. Instead, a saving throw is granted to troops in cover. 

From testing, this should feel more realistic in play.

Shooting Skill now reduces the scatter distance of Indirect Fire, making the training of your mortar crews a bit more important. 

Close combat rework.

The close combat system has been reworked to be faster and eliminate the alternating attack process.

The new system is a lot easier to manage, as well as generally making combat feel a bit more exciting and unpredictable. From testing, it also feels like the new system puts ranged and assault troops on more of an even footing.

Morale changes

Morale checks are now taken if you take any casualties in a phase.
A failed test due to shooting causes the unit to be Pinned (except at close range), while a failed test due to close combat causes the unit to Break. 

This is a relatively small change that greatly enhances the feel of the game. Troops can get bogged down in firefights, but to break them you have to get in close. 

The “Mob size” rule has been removed. 

Troops no longer remove figures from failed Rallying attempts. This also means the K’Erin have been given a new ability.

Hero saves

All Personality figures now have a minimum saving throw of a 1, regardless of how big a gun they got hit by. 

Command changes

Force Commanders are now called Commanders. Any army with 3 or more Squads receives one for free, without having to factor it into unit building. Simply nominate a Personality.

Platoon Leaders have been renamed to 2IC (2nd in command) and is automatically obtained if you have 5 or more Squads in your force.

Character upgrades

When upgrading a character, whether through the points system or campaign experience, Leader Skill, Cool under Fire, Wyrd Power and Intellect can now be upgraded twice each. 

This will allow leader figures to be a bit more usable, as well as allow Wyrd casters to come into their own more. 

Vehicle changes

The vehicle rules should be clearer and easier to use now. Over-runs in particular should be much clearer.

Walker pilots can always fire 2 weapons now.

Light vehicles have been included in the core rules now. 

The interaction of blast and flame weapons with vehicles are clearer and more logical now.

Vehicles now have hit locations, allowing mobility hits or even weak points to be struck.

Repairing damage mid-battle only requires 2 crew now but only critical hits can be repaired.

Supplemental changes

Command decisions

The Command Decision system has been rewritten to both be simpler as well as more dramatic on the table.

Jump troops

If a Jump unit fails its arrival roll twice, it must sit out the battle. 

Gathering troops

The optional rule to Gather Troops has been simplified and made more versatile. With smaller units as the norm, this makes it easier to regroup your forces or pick up lone stragglers. 


A section with easy ready-to-play scenarios have been included. 

The Battle Maker scenario generator is now included in the core rules. 


Infiltration scenarios are explained better and use a better method for determining if infiltrators get spotted.

Army building

The points system is now included in the core rules.

A comprehensive army builder is included, allowing you to create forces for pick-up games.

Notes are included on allied forces, allowing an army to include mercenary troops and advisors.

Strange places

The Elite Pack entries for Strange Worlds and Strange Planets are now included in the core rules. 

The Nirn

A new space dwarf troop type has been added, allowing you to take advantage of the various miniatures on the market. 

Experience changes

The campaign experience rules have been completely overhauled. Squads can now receive upgrades as well and the system should integrate easier into the concept of the Persistent Game.

A “War Fortune” system has also been added to grant one-time player benefits in Persistent Games. 

Assorted questions

How do you get the new version?

It will be available as a free download to customers very soon.

Once it is available, simply go into your Wargame Vault library and download the updated file. 

As this update was funded by the fans, you don’t have to pay anything else to get it, though I would highly encourage people to consider making a donation once they see the new game.

Any contributions can be made out to on Paypal.

Was any old content removed?

In cases where a system was updated (such as the new experience system or army building systems) the old version was taken out.

I opted to remove the old hobby sections, in the hopes of replacing them with updated versions in the future or doing a separate booklet about building Unified Space troops.

Finally the salvage system has been taken out, since I’d like to replace that with a much more in-depth system in the future, for that type of campaign..

The old version of the rules will be available for download as well, so people won’t miss out on anything. 

Sunday, 30 August 2020

Renegade Scout 2 update

 After an absolutely brutal weekend, text is basically done for Renegade Scout 2.

That means all items I wanted to move into the rules have been done so, all new sections are written and sanity checked etc.

Next step is making it look nice, checking wordings etc. We are on the finish line folks!

Monday, 24 August 2020

Something a little different 

Me and my friend Dave got together to talk about roleplaying games, failure in games and how to tackle different scenarios and ...well.. a bit of everything.

Please forgive a bit of meandering and audio difficulties but do check it out :) 

Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Quick updates

 Renegade Scout 2 is still ticking along. 

The army builder is about half done. I had to go back and redesign it a couple of times but I think it'll find a nice balance. The army builder will include a subset of the options available, it will not provide EVERYTHING.

However, you will get points values separately for every weapon and item, so you won't be left out in the cold if you like to tinker.

* * *

If you have suggestions or feedback for KPS fantasy from the beta version 

Get in touch as that is also nearing completion. 

Sunday, 9 August 2020

Im dreadfully sorry

 For some reason, Blogger switched to requiring moderation for every post (and the blog got nailed with a ton of spam comments). 

Or I accidentally switched it and didnt notice.

So there's like a billion comments that never ended up on the blog. Im sorry! I wasn't ignoring you even though I was actually ignoring you 😢

It should be set up now so it goes to my email inbox when there's a new comment. 

Again, I am dreadfully sorry. A lot of you left kind or thoughtful posts and I never intended to ignore them.

Assorted common questions

We've done this before, but there are certain questions I get frequently. 

As such, we're going to round them up and answer them. 

Note that questions have been paraphrased from original emails, messages etc. 

Who are you exactly?

My name is Ivan, I'm 40 years old, I'm from Denmark though at this point I have lived half my life in Denmark and half in the United States. 

What is your day job?

Writing games. Before that, I spent a decade and a half in middle management. 

Are you / do you believe in / do you support X ?

I've mostly retreated from discussing politics online except with close friends and my views on marginal tax policy is probably not something that would interest you.

If you need some sort of label, how about free trade leftist? 

What is your opinion on X ?

I don't tend to comment on on-going gaming drama in regards to personalities or companies. You can assume that the sort of product I make is also the sort of product I wish others would make. 

What do you play personally?

For wargaming, a bit of everything when I get a chance. 

Stargrunt II, Crossfire and 2nd edition 40K rank high currently.

For RPG's, my passion is anything BRP or BRP derived: 

Runequest, Stormbringer, Pendragon, Eon, Hjältarnas Tid, Drakar och Demoner.

Is it true you write for 15mm first? 

I try to avoid being specific to a scale, but in general I do write with distances and movements that fit well in 15mm first and foremost.

From my experience, slightly smaller figures (10mm skirmish being a thing that keeps interesting me) will look fine with more realistic distances while 28mm gamers are used to those measurements to begin with. 

What happened to X product?

I sometimes get questions whether this or that game is "abandoned". I try as much as possible to write complete games that don't need a ton of extra stuff. Starting out I never intended to write much in the way of supplements, since I figured people would prefer a bigger main book instead.

Experience taught me pretty quickly that people prefer to have new content updates. 

The big challenge of course is that there's one of me. So I have to pick and choose (and occasionally draw in outside help) where to put my efforts and that tends to mean focusing where the sales and the market is. 

That being said, nothing sleeps forever. We recently did updates to Five Men in Normandy after all and no NWG game is older than that.

In regards to Trench Storm and Fast And Dirty, I have sold off the rights to both. 

Why do you often charge for beta tests?

I try everything at least once. I've offered beta tests for free, pay what you want and for money up front.

I find that the best feedback (and the best chance of getting feedback) is when I've charged a dollar or three up front. You can speculate as to why that is, but it broadly holds true. 

Why do some betas not get a full release?

Generally because there wasn't enough interest or because in hindsight the system was too fiddly or not sufficiently unique.

Why aren't you doing X obvious thing?

Likewise because I am not interested, because I am mostly a one-person operation or because I am risk-averse. 

Will you crowd fund more projects? 

In my own way yes.

I have found that indiegogo/kickstarter tends to result in very limited feedback, making them not very valuable for the development process.

Simply asking for people to fund a project directly through paypal has worked well for upgrades, and I will likely continue to do so. For regular releases, I find that writing a game and then selling it is the most satisfying process for everyone involved. 

Is there some secret logic behind what projects you do?

It has to be something I am interested in personally and something I feel isn't overdone or can find a unique angle to do. 

How do you decide new projects?

As above but I also think there's people who might want to pay money for it. 

Is it FiveCore or 5Core?

You do you but personally, I've always viewed writing it out as correct. 

I want to write games, what advice do you have? 

Write a lot. Build up a back catalogue. Every project will encounter "The Suck": Learn to power through it. Stay out of internet drama. Treat every person with kindness. Don't pursue internet trends. 

What things will you never do, so we should stop asking?

Any OSR or D&D product. 

Probably anything involving ships. 

Edgelord stuff. 

Monday, 3 August 2020

Renegade Scout 2 updates

A quick update.

Currently, the close combat updates are done, the battle games material has been tweaked and inserted into the game, vehicle rules have been improved and light vehicles incorporated and reaction fire has been added.

The next big step is the army builder and points system revamp. This includes several steps:
Updating the points system to account for more stuff, including points costs directly into the species and weapon lists, fleshing out the army builder system and readjusting a few things. 

In short, this is the main part of the work. I'll keep you posted.