Wednesday, 15 July 2020

While we are talking..

I mentioned "Oldhammer Renegade Scout" off-hand, since it's something I've kicked around and several of you said you'd be excited to see that.

Now, depending on funding levels, we may not be headed there just yet (and in any event, even if we are we wouldn't be doing it until after RS 2 is done)

If this happened, the goal would be a game that:

* Was ideal for old school fantasy figures. That means low-to-mid range fantasy with the classic elves and goblins, wizards and big monsters rather than over-the-top anime stuff. Something that evokes original Warhammer, Lone Wolf and Fighting Fantasy.

* Utilize polished-but-familiar game mechanics.

* An evening of painting should let you get a game on the table.

So what might it look like?

* It would use the core mechanics of Renegade Scout, adapted for fantasy warfare of course.

* The space saved by not having vehicle rules would instead be used to fit in lots of monsters.

* Stat-compatible with Oldhammer rules for players who prefer that.

* Lots of spells and magic items. Ideally, there'd be 3-4 types of magic that were subtly different.

* We'd still have the sort of "fun stuff" (random battle field features etc.) that we have in the regular book. This would be new stuff for the fantasy game, not just rewordings.

* It would likely still use individual figures rather than ranked up figures. A unit might be 5-10 figures. A lot of personality figures might be attached to units with only some operating on their own.

But let me hear what you might want to see out of it. Blog comments are a pain for me, so please email at or ping me on twitter instead.

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