Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Renegade Scout 2! Well..read on.

Change is in the air (remember to wear a mask!), a new edition of 40K is on our door steps and it seems like the opportune time to discuss the next big update for a Nordic Weasel game:

Renegade Scout 2!

Huzzah! champagne bottles opening! fireworks! Confused looks!

Okay, let's talk.

The plan is NOT to:

* Replace the book completely.

* Rewrite the entire game.

* Do some crazy shenanigans where your existing stuff and armies need to be redone.

Okay, we good? We are not doing any of those things.

With that out of the way, lets talk:

The plan:

The plan is to update Renegade Scout with some updates and new content. 

What that looks like right now is:

* A revamp of the close combat system. 
While the current system is dramatic for two heroes dueling, it can get pretty chunky when a lot is going on. 
The goal is to tweak close combat resolution so it still feels "right" for the system, but can move a bit faster.
It will still be "figure to figure" and not "my squad now rolls 12 attacks" or some such silliness. 

* A general review of the game, tweaking awkward wordings, looking for things that could be polished a little bit without ruining anything.

* A lot of you have said you'd like a reaction fire system. A lot of you have said you don't want one. 
The answer seems to be an optional system then. 
I'll include a robust reaction fire mechanic as an optional rule, which will work on both the individual figure and squad level.

* Similar sentiments has been offered for people on the topic of suppressing fire.
I'll include a suppressing fire system for squad level combat which will be easy to use and suitable for "space opera military" gaming. 

* The "Battle Games" set up rules will be migrated to the core rulebook, to help with "pick up and play" games.

* The points system from the Elite Pack will migrate over, with some tweaks and expansions. This will likely replace the current Army Builder, which does not seem to be popular. I'll make that available as a free download, if there's demand. 

* A new army builder which will be easy and quick to use.
The idea is that you select a species, a squad type and tech base, then the army builder tells you the points cost and gives you a couple of choices for tweaking things.
This will help make games easier to get going and avoid the need for long army lists.

* Proper book marks in the table of contents. Sorry, I should have done those long ago!

* Since I know there's people out there who'd find a great use for it, weapons tables for 19th and 20th century weaponry. 

The format:

We are NOT going to do a brand new book. 

Instead, these will be upgrades to the existing book. When it is all done (either in one big update or possibly in phases, not sure) you can simply download the updated book and have all the goodies available. 

However time is money and time spent upgrading a book is time not spent writing new gaming material to sell. 

So we are going to release this under a Ransom model.
Essentially, I am setting a Ransom amount of 250 dollars.

You guys can make donations to me directly through Paypal at nordicweaselgames@icloud.com 

When the amount is reached, the content gets released as it gets finished. 
Essentially, it will work like any other crowd funding, except I don't want to deal with kickstarter etc. 

You can pitch in any amount you feel is fair to make this happen. 
I'll update the amount of twitter, discord and the blog. 

When the project is finished, the updated book will be available to everyone who owns it. Easy peasy.

What if it's not reached:

If we don't reach the amount needed in say a month, then I'll prorate the options and decide which ones we'll come back for later based on what did get raised.

What if you get way more money?

If we overshoot the amount by a couple of dollars, I'm just using that for coffee. If we overshoot by 100+, I'll put out some surveys so people can vote on what they might like to see (such as fancy new cover art, getting the book prepared so we can do POD etc.)

Someone once told you always to make a "reach for the stars"  goal when you do any sort of crowdfunding, so if we hit 600, I'll start work on a fantasy / Oldhammer conversion of the rules. Fair? 

Can we trust you?

Well, I'd be the wrong person to ask if you couldn't right? 

That being said, I've released hundreds of products on Wargame Vault, I've delivered every actual crowd funding project I've done and have done paid upgrades like this on a few occasions, all delivered. 

If you would rather gothrough something more formal, go to Wargame Vault, buy something I have available as Pay What You Want, put in the amount you'd like and email me to tell me you did so.
Then I can count your contribution towards the goal.

So in conclusion:

Sound good? 
You want the update to happen? 

The paypal address is nordicweaselgames@icloud.com

If you have questions or suggestions you can also email to the same address and ask away. 


  1. Hi Ivan
    I'm a $10 Patreon supporter and LOVE your work. Have been eyeing off Renegade Scout for some time now - is there a way to pledge an decent amount and get a copy of the PDF (as I don't already have it).

    1. Sorry you got eaten by the spam filter. If you havent picked up the rules yet, give me a shout at nordicweaselgames@icloud.com and we'll figure something out.