Saturday, 18 July 2020

Renegade Scout 2 is go

Your generous funding has generated more than the amount that was asked for, so Renegade Scout 2 is a-go!
You guys proved that you are willing to support indie game development and I am humbled.

Woo! Assorted things and pieces of information below:

* The work has already started (technically the work started before I asked for money).

* The feature list will be what was posted on the blog before, as far as brand new mechanics and items for inclusion. I am also going through and tweaking a bunch of little things especially in some of the toolkit stuff.
It isn't impossible that some extra thing will get added in, but I am not committing to anything right now.

* To be clear, this is NOT a big rewrite of the entire book. Rules that don't change, I am not messing with the text.

* The two big rules additions (reaction fire and suppression) will be marked optional since they are both a step away from the general spirit of the rules. I imagine a lot of people will be eager to try them out.

* The close combat changes will replace the current system (though if there's a clamor for it, I can always add the original version in the back somewhere). I think once you try it you'll agree that it feels the same but moves a bit quicker.

* I asked around and the overwhelming response I got was that people would rather wait and get all the new stuff in one big 2.0 package, rather than getting one thing at a time in a series of updates.
 I think that's also more exciting for people.

* Time frame, I am not sure about. I am going to work as fast as I can but of course I also have to balance the Patreon commitment and [the big project]. I imagine it should go quickly though.


Okay, so we didn't quite hit the stretch goal for Oldhammer Renegade Scout, but a lot of you said you were excited for it to be a possibility and people who said that were pretty generous with their wallets.
So I think it's fair to say it's something that is going to happen.

I blogged about the possibility already, but I need to sit down and have a deep think about what that will look like, how it will relate to KPS or not and what sort of items to include.

TLDR - Stuff is happening. Ready up those Oldhammer figures but you don't gotta speed paint them.

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