Friday, 3 July 2020

KPS Fantasy is coming

This will be a fairly large expansion. Possibly it should have been a stand-alone game but we can live that for an updated and expanded version down the road.

This will add fantasy elements to Knyghte Pyke and Sworde.
The content list will look something like this:

* Fantasy peoples (from orcs and elves to tribal barbarians and rat people) - 10.
Each of these have two simple rules that apply to them to set them apart.

For example Dwarves are slow but can fight on even if they are wounded.

* A monster list with a bit over 25 creatures on it. Anything from harpies to trolls and manticores.
These can be used in army list play but are of course well suited to scenarios as well.
This also expands the rules to cover large monsters.

* Special units: 6 unique units inspired by mythology and fantasy literature.

* Fantastic mounts: 4 new types of riding mount to supplement the trusty horse.

* New Individual types to get that fantasy flair, from Thieves to Sorcerers.

* A beefy section with Heroes of Renown. This will have "definitely inspired by" heroes from literature as well as champions from mythology (or even history).

If you ever wanted Jeanne D'Arc and Will Scarlet to take on "That guy looks a lot like Conan" this is your chance.

* Finally a section of magic weapons and items to outfit characters with.

The goal here is a big, lovely grab bag of fantasy goodies allowing a ton of fun adventure-filled gaming.
As with the core game, the aim is on relatively simple rules, meaning each new creature or element typically gets a single special rule.

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