Sunday, 26 July 2020

RS2 update

After a weekend (cautiously) out of town, RS 2 has been updated with the 20th century weapon lists for all your retro-WW2 needs.

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

RS 2 update

The update process is proceeding pretty well.

Several updates have been added, the new close combat system is in place, light vehicles are now in the main book and the vehicle rules have received a rather overdue update and re-organization. 

Dreams of Dragons updates

After much thinking, pondering, dice rolling and more pondering, a Dreams of Dragons update is available and will hopefully be the first of a number.

While the goal was never to make a "rules light" game, I do think there's areas where I got a bit carried away and some stream-lining could do the game a world of good.
So in between other projects, I am going to be revisiting each chapter of the book, making updates based on experience, polishing things up, streamlining where reasonable and fleshing out the sub-systems that are in red text (or evaluating them for the hatchet, if I don't think they'll end up being a good fit after all).

I also have some plans to expand the setting with more detail.

The rules changes in todays upload (which is available from your drivethrurpg library) are:

Starting player characters now get a "kicker" of 3 extra HP.

Instead of calculating skill base chances, all skills with a base chance simply begin at 6 now.

The optional rule for the magic test (if you fail, you can still be a magician if you accept some sort of complication) is the default option now.

The randomly generated personal interest skill now starts at 14.

A quick, non-random option is now available for attributes.

If you want to have a look, you can do so at

Saturday, 18 July 2020

Renegade Scout 2 is go

Your generous funding has generated more than the amount that was asked for, so Renegade Scout 2 is a-go!
You guys proved that you are willing to support indie game development and I am humbled.

Woo! Assorted things and pieces of information below:

* The work has already started (technically the work started before I asked for money).

* The feature list will be what was posted on the blog before, as far as brand new mechanics and items for inclusion. I am also going through and tweaking a bunch of little things especially in some of the toolkit stuff.
It isn't impossible that some extra thing will get added in, but I am not committing to anything right now.

* To be clear, this is NOT a big rewrite of the entire book. Rules that don't change, I am not messing with the text.

* The two big rules additions (reaction fire and suppression) will be marked optional since they are both a step away from the general spirit of the rules. I imagine a lot of people will be eager to try them out.

* The close combat changes will replace the current system (though if there's a clamor for it, I can always add the original version in the back somewhere). I think once you try it you'll agree that it feels the same but moves a bit quicker.

* I asked around and the overwhelming response I got was that people would rather wait and get all the new stuff in one big 2.0 package, rather than getting one thing at a time in a series of updates.
 I think that's also more exciting for people.

* Time frame, I am not sure about. I am going to work as fast as I can but of course I also have to balance the Patreon commitment and [the big project]. I imagine it should go quickly though.


Okay, so we didn't quite hit the stretch goal for Oldhammer Renegade Scout, but a lot of you said you were excited for it to be a possibility and people who said that were pretty generous with their wallets.
So I think it's fair to say it's something that is going to happen.

I blogged about the possibility already, but I need to sit down and have a deep think about what that will look like, how it will relate to KPS or not and what sort of items to include.

TLDR - Stuff is happening. Ready up those Oldhammer figures but you don't gotta speed paint them.

Thursday, 16 July 2020

5 Leagues tweak

As the rules stand, in 5 Leagues you resolve close combats as soon as you have finished a move.

I have been testing out finishing all moves for the Phase, then resolving combats.
This allows ganging up a bit more, as well as making positioning a bit more important and tactical (which I think is a good thing).

Give it a spin and let me know if you think it'd be a good update.

Amend the Proximity rule on page 21 to read:


If a figure moves within 1” of an opposing figure, they engage in Melee combat.
At the end of the current Phase, all Melees are resolved. In the Quick or Slow action Phases, the player may resolve Melees in any order desired.

In the Normal or Monster Phases, resolve Melees from left to right.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

While we are talking..

I mentioned "Oldhammer Renegade Scout" off-hand, since it's something I've kicked around and several of you said you'd be excited to see that.

Now, depending on funding levels, we may not be headed there just yet (and in any event, even if we are we wouldn't be doing it until after RS 2 is done)

If this happened, the goal would be a game that:

* Was ideal for old school fantasy figures. That means low-to-mid range fantasy with the classic elves and goblins, wizards and big monsters rather than over-the-top anime stuff. Something that evokes original Warhammer, Lone Wolf and Fighting Fantasy.

* Utilize polished-but-familiar game mechanics.

* An evening of painting should let you get a game on the table.

So what might it look like?

* It would use the core mechanics of Renegade Scout, adapted for fantasy warfare of course.

* The space saved by not having vehicle rules would instead be used to fit in lots of monsters.

* Stat-compatible with Oldhammer rules for players who prefer that.

* Lots of spells and magic items. Ideally, there'd be 3-4 types of magic that were subtly different.

* We'd still have the sort of "fun stuff" (random battle field features etc.) that we have in the regular book. This would be new stuff for the fantasy game, not just rewordings.

* It would likely still use individual figures rather than ranked up figures. A unit might be 5-10 figures. A lot of personality figures might be attached to units with only some operating on their own.

But let me hear what you might want to see out of it. Blog comments are a pain for me, so please email at or ping me on twitter instead.

Renegade Scout 2 - update 2

We're now almost fully funded at 238 dollars and 30 cents.

The stretch goals may actually be viable.

A few of you have also expressed interest in an Oldhammer RS, so things to think about for later (unless we mega-fund now)

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Renegade Scout 2 update 1

As of evening the 14th, we're reached a cup of coffee over 110 dollars.

So almost halfway there.

Renegade Scout 2! on.

Change is in the air (remember to wear a mask!), a new edition of 40K is on our door steps and it seems like the opportune time to discuss the next big update for a Nordic Weasel game:

Renegade Scout 2!

Huzzah! champagne bottles opening! fireworks! Confused looks!

Okay, let's talk.

The plan is NOT to:

* Replace the book completely.

* Rewrite the entire game.

* Do some crazy shenanigans where your existing stuff and armies need to be redone.

Okay, we good? We are not doing any of those things.

With that out of the way, lets talk:

The plan:

The plan is to update Renegade Scout with some updates and new content. 

What that looks like right now is:

* A revamp of the close combat system. 
While the current system is dramatic for two heroes dueling, it can get pretty chunky when a lot is going on. 
The goal is to tweak close combat resolution so it still feels "right" for the system, but can move a bit faster.
It will still be "figure to figure" and not "my squad now rolls 12 attacks" or some such silliness. 

* A general review of the game, tweaking awkward wordings, looking for things that could be polished a little bit without ruining anything.

* A lot of you have said you'd like a reaction fire system. A lot of you have said you don't want one. 
The answer seems to be an optional system then. 
I'll include a robust reaction fire mechanic as an optional rule, which will work on both the individual figure and squad level.

* Similar sentiments has been offered for people on the topic of suppressing fire.
I'll include a suppressing fire system for squad level combat which will be easy to use and suitable for "space opera military" gaming. 

* The "Battle Games" set up rules will be migrated to the core rulebook, to help with "pick up and play" games.

* The points system from the Elite Pack will migrate over, with some tweaks and expansions. This will likely replace the current Army Builder, which does not seem to be popular. I'll make that available as a free download, if there's demand. 

* A new army builder which will be easy and quick to use.
The idea is that you select a species, a squad type and tech base, then the army builder tells you the points cost and gives you a couple of choices for tweaking things.
This will help make games easier to get going and avoid the need for long army lists.

* Proper book marks in the table of contents. Sorry, I should have done those long ago!

* Since I know there's people out there who'd find a great use for it, weapons tables for 19th and 20th century weaponry. 

The format:

We are NOT going to do a brand new book. 

Instead, these will be upgrades to the existing book. When it is all done (either in one big update or possibly in phases, not sure) you can simply download the updated book and have all the goodies available. 

However time is money and time spent upgrading a book is time not spent writing new gaming material to sell. 

So we are going to release this under a Ransom model.
Essentially, I am setting a Ransom amount of 250 dollars.

You guys can make donations to me directly through Paypal at 

When the amount is reached, the content gets released as it gets finished. 
Essentially, it will work like any other crowd funding, except I don't want to deal with kickstarter etc. 

You can pitch in any amount you feel is fair to make this happen. 
I'll update the amount of twitter, discord and the blog. 

When the project is finished, the updated book will be available to everyone who owns it. Easy peasy.

What if it's not reached:

If we don't reach the amount needed in say a month, then I'll prorate the options and decide which ones we'll come back for later based on what did get raised.

What if you get way more money?

If we overshoot the amount by a couple of dollars, I'm just using that for coffee. If we overshoot by 100+, I'll put out some surveys so people can vote on what they might like to see (such as fancy new cover art, getting the book prepared so we can do POD etc.)

Someone once told you always to make a "reach for the stars"  goal when you do any sort of crowdfunding, so if we hit 600, I'll start work on a fantasy / Oldhammer conversion of the rules. Fair? 

Can we trust you?

Well, I'd be the wrong person to ask if you couldn't right? 

That being said, I've released hundreds of products on Wargame Vault, I've delivered every actual crowd funding project I've done and have done paid upgrades like this on a few occasions, all delivered. 

If you would rather gothrough something more formal, go to Wargame Vault, buy something I have available as Pay What You Want, put in the amount you'd like and email me to tell me you did so.
Then I can count your contribution towards the goal.

So in conclusion:

Sound good? 
You want the update to happen? 

The paypal address is

If you have questions or suggestions you can also email to the same address and ask away. 

Sunday, 12 July 2020

Setting deep dive. Unity.

Once in a while I get questions about various setting questions, so I thought I'd entertain a few about Unified Space: The open-ended setting that underpins Five Parsecs From Home and Renegade Scout.

The questions have been rephrased a bit from how they arrive in my email, just to fit the format.

A few general questions and then Unity specific ones.

Which of your games specifically take place in Unified Space?

Renegade Scout, Clash on the Fringe, Five Parsecs and Unity Field Agent.

Other games have had Unified Space content (Starport Scum, Laserstorm) but aren't meant to specifically exist in the setting.
Keen-eyed viewers will note that the alien species originated in No Stars in Sight, though it actually predates the setting as a semi-cohesive thing.

Is Unified Space based on sound scientific principles?

I would be highly surprised if that was the case.
"Semi hard space opera" is the best we can aim for and the setting often veers into space fantasy.

Is Unity an evil empire?

If you want it to, but they are not intended that way.
Essentially, any political organization that encompasses much of known space would be a massive, impenetrable, impersonal bureaucracy, so Unity will tend to stomp all over the desires of this or that colony.
It's perfectly conceivable for your Unity force to be the heroes fighting off an alien invasion, then turn to become the oppressors as the colonists rebel in turn.

How common are psionic powers in humans?

2-3% or so exhibit some minor psionic ability. Most of the time this is stuff like trivial premonitions, "I have a bad feeling about this", being good at guessing games etc.
Actual battlefield level psionics would be 2-3% of those 2-3%.

Are psionics and mutants poorly treated by Unity? 

No. Prejudice against psionics can and does happen, but is viewed as inappropriate. Psionics are generally viewed the same way you view a trained killer. Very handy to have around, provided they are on your side!

Mutants tend to experience a lot more prejudice, though they are still considered "Human" by Unity law. As such, mutant gangs are more of a thing in Fringe space, where Unity laws are poorly enforced. On a core world, you can have an extra arm and do just fine.

Is the standard fire arm of Unity troops projectile or energy based?

First line troops carry lasers, second line and most regional forces use projectile weapons.
Colonial forces almost always use projectile weapons.
Specific task forces may be outfitted in a particular manner, depending on the task.

Are Unity troops disposable cannon fodder?

Not at all. They are well trained troops, outfitted for modern warfare and deployed according to good tactical principles.
They ARE however also the grunts of a system that doesn't always have the ability to send a regiment to the right location or remember to send evac ships once the war is over.

Of course, the generic space marine guy is always doomed to get eaten by some horrible alien monster, but the survivors benefits are excellent.

Are typical humans genetically modified?

On Core worlds yes. At the very least, basic genetic adjustments take place to prevent common genetic flaws and diseases. As such, the wearing of eye-glasses (f.x.) is entirely a fashion statement.
Wealthier families, important functionaries of Unity administration and military forces tend to receive more comprehensive upgrade packages to ensure health, mental stability and a satisfactory level of physical performance.

Average life span is about 130.

Can a Unity Core world human marry an alien?

They can. You can marry a robot as well. Unity law dictates that all involved must be sapient, have a recognizable concept of long term romantic commitment and be agreeing absent any duress.
As a result, Swift can only be bound by marriage contracts until a psychological change compels them to a new course in life, while Soulless must agree to install long-term relationship commitment run-times to qualify.

Do Unity armed forces use ground vehicles or hover vehicles?

Troop transports are generally tracked or wheeled, depending on terrain.
Tanks are either tracked or hover, but are always segregated by unit type. A small number of hover-capable infantry regiments are in service but maintenance costs are substantial.

How are Unity armed forces organized?

There are 298 officially sanctioned formation types for front-line rifle infantry (1st line) alone.
Most formations follow a triangular structure where 3 sections make a platoon, 3 platoons make a company and so forth.
Each element from platoon up should have an attached support element suitable to its mission.
At regimental level, substantial additional forces are kept which can be detached out as needed.

Due to the immense cost of interstellar warfare, troop deployments are often single battalions or at most regiments.

Can aliens serve in the Unity armed forces?

They can, provided they have received certification that they are legally human. This means they are fully committed to Unity ideals and have undergone psych evaluations to ensure their emotional responses are within human parameters.

Unity does not hesitate to employ mercenary forces however, which is usually an easier avenue for a K'Erin or Precursor outfit seeking to make some Credits.

Friday, 3 July 2020

KPS Fantasy is coming

This will be a fairly large expansion. Possibly it should have been a stand-alone game but we can live that for an updated and expanded version down the road.

This will add fantasy elements to Knyghte Pyke and Sworde.
The content list will look something like this:

* Fantasy peoples (from orcs and elves to tribal barbarians and rat people) - 10.
Each of these have two simple rules that apply to them to set them apart.

For example Dwarves are slow but can fight on even if they are wounded.

* A monster list with a bit over 25 creatures on it. Anything from harpies to trolls and manticores.
These can be used in army list play but are of course well suited to scenarios as well.
This also expands the rules to cover large monsters.

* Special units: 6 unique units inspired by mythology and fantasy literature.

* Fantastic mounts: 4 new types of riding mount to supplement the trusty horse.

* New Individual types to get that fantasy flair, from Thieves to Sorcerers.

* A beefy section with Heroes of Renown. This will have "definitely inspired by" heroes from literature as well as champions from mythology (or even history).

If you ever wanted Jeanne D'Arc and Will Scarlet to take on "That guy looks a lot like Conan" this is your chance.

* Finally a section of magic weapons and items to outfit characters with.

The goal here is a big, lovely grab bag of fantasy goodies allowing a ton of fun adventure-filled gaming.
As with the core game, the aim is on relatively simple rules, meaning each new creature or element typically gets a single special rule.