Saturday, 6 June 2020

Writing projects updates

At the moment, I think every writing project I have posted about has been spoken for, so I won't need any more submissions.

I should clarify that this of course does not mean they will all end up becoming products:
People have things come up, accidents happen or the writer realizes it wasn't quite the right project for their interests. These things happen naturally.

However, it IS a good sign as NWG slowly moves into the next stage of world domination.

I am still interested in things that meet the following requirements:

* Games that meet many/most of the following criteria:
Ideally on the lighter side.
Fits a niche NWG does not currently cover.
Feels at home among the general style of our game mechanics.

I am not interested in "micro-games" but shorter games are fine.

* Tools, subjects or ideas that would be of value to the average wargamer, such as a cool solo game engine, a set of WW2 company level scenarios, a scenario generator for Napoleonic warfare etc.
These are ideally things that could be released generically and usable by any gamer.

* I am also specifically looking for someone with an interest in "matrix style" gaming who might take a stab at updating War Story. Experience with solo gaming would be a plus.

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