Sunday, 21 June 2020

Dark Woods of Winter 2

Excited to say that the 2nd edition of Dark Woods of Winter is here.

If you are not familiar, it is an add-on campaign for Five Leagues, taking place in a faerie forest full of strange things.

As you adventure here, you will have strange encounters, fight terrible monsters and maybe even pick up a few new skills and items.

The campaign is pitched as definitely being tougher than the standard campaign, particularly in its 2nd edition version, so it's well suited for people who have finished a campaign already or after playing Hopes of Glory.

If you have the original, the 2nd edition version is updated to be fully compatible, has references and clarifications for various items across the 2E game line.
Additional encounters has been added, as well as a ton of new combat encounters courtesy of fan Harry Kruger.

A lot of you have asked for more chances to fight big monsters and Dark Woods certainly delivers on that with everything from Banshees to Giant Stags to twisted faerie giants.

You can pick up the new expansion at the Vault as usual.

As this is a fairly substantial expansion of the content, it is not a free upgrade. You will have to buy the new version.

That being said, if you bought the original within the last 30 days, email me with what you paid and I'll figure out a discount for you so you just pay the difference. I figure that's a fair compromise ?

1e players should note that the new version is not compatible with 1e as it relies on mechanics only available in 2. If you are a 1e die-hard and need/want a copy contact me and we're figure something out.

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