Tuesday, 2 June 2020

A few words

The US is on fire.
There's a pandemic that has killed over 100.000 people. City streets are thick with gas. Elected officials want ever-increasing surveillance and control of the internet. We are seeing daily video that looks like it was taken in East Germany in 1989.

People are worried. People are scared. People are upset. People are hurt.

Around the RPG sphere of the internet, I've seen a lot of people say that choosing to not address politics or "to keep politics out of gaming" is a sign of luxury and privilege. That a lot of people don't have that luxury because politics isn't an abstract hobby to engage in at their leisure.

And they are 100% right. I agree with them.

A lot of people are responding that for them gaming is a moment of respite from the grind of the world, to escape all the things that haunt us.

And they are 100% right. I agree with them.

I'm not sure what I even could say at this point that others haven't said better. And I don't think at this time anyone should especially care what I have to say in any event.

For now, I am continuing what I have been doing:
Trying to provide a few snippets in one corner of the internet where we can have a moment of respite from the world.

I support the voice of companies and designers that are opting to do the same.
I support the voice of companies and designers that are speaking out or donating or advocating.

I hope everyone stays safe.


  1. Wise words.
    The US was on fire in 1968 too, with a similar narrative amidst an unpopular war.
    Uncannily, the Hong Kong flu of that time also killed an estimated 100,000 in the US.
    The country rose out of that time stronger, and had learnt a great deal, and has come so far in the intervening years.
    There is no reason why the same thing can not happen this time.
    Though some would say the lessons of history are ignored, I prefer to see them as guidelines of how we can adapt, change quickly, and move toward a wiser world in the aftermath.
    I'd love to have something more original than 'this too shall pass', but I think it sums it up best.

    (Not sure I'll be buying any more model kits from China in a hurry though)...

    1. I think the spam filter ate your comment but i appreciate the insights and thoughts.