Tuesday, 23 June 2020

A bit of general news

First, there may be more swashbucklery action coming from NWG in the near future. Keep your eyes tuned. I have a colleague  working on something that I think those of you with a knack for rapiers, wheel locks and dashing heroes may find very cool.

* * *

Secondly, I have the raw version of an updated version of The Goblin Hills, the second major campaign expansion for Five Leagues that needs updating.

As with Dark Woods, the new version has new content, updates and even includes an option to run a goblin campaign.

It will likely be another week or so before it becomes available.

* * *
Third, a fan is producing a Five Men at Kursk campaign booklet for the Norwegian campaign.
Playable as French, British, Poles, Norwegians or Germans, this lets you fight your way through the Norwegian campaign of WW2.

It is built on the same structure as Warsaw is Burning, allowing you to carry over squads to future expansions.

I know people have wanted to see more campaigns for a long time, so I hope you are stoked about this one.

I have the file in my hands basically playable, though it still needs touching up and lay out. I imagine we're a week or two away from this one.

* * *
The planned Five Leagues magic item pack is delayed a bit, since I realized I wanted to take the chance and flesh out the magic items a bit more in general. I hope you understand.

* * *
The last Patreon pack for the month will be for Five Parsecs. I am working on that content now, but it won't be available until the very end of the month, giving me more time to tinker with it.

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