Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Update on projects I am looking for people for

The Laserstorm update is assigned to somebody currently.
Likewise, a Squad Hammer project has been farmed out.


* * *
I am still looking for a taker to update the Five Leagues supplements.

* * *
I am also looking for someone well versed in Matrix-type gaming and narrative gaming to take a stab at updating War Story to polish off the mechanics a bit, add some tweaks.

* * *
If you really liked Knyghte and want to write something for it, get in touch, especially if you are well versed in Japanese warfare (medieval through muskets), crusade era, roman era or late 1500s European warfare.

EDIT: Pike and Shot and Japanese is tentatively spoken for.

* * *
Do you have what it takes to do an update and polish up of From Shako to Coalscuttle?

If so, get in touch.

EDIT: No more submissions for this one please.

* * *
Finally, if you are a veteran WW2 gamer and understand the Hammer of Democracy rules well, I am looking for someone to work on a 1939 supplement.
Ideally this would include comprehensive unit stats, scenarios and more goodies and should cover both Poland and Finland.

* * *

These are all thing that will be paid, I am not looking for handouts.

Either a modest up front amount or a fifty fifty cut of revenue (after wargame vault takes their cut).

If you have what it takes, reach me at nordicweaselgames@icloud.com and I'll let you know what I have in mind and we can then figure out where to go from there.


  1. Alas no time - a pity as I would love to help.
    Just purchased the Hammer series, and also Jason's Chrome stuff. All superb and just what I am looking for.
    Good to see potential for HoD supplements. I'd be inclined to do a Vietnam supplement for both it, and Squad Hammer. Jason's Chrome stuff immediately made me think of LRRP teams.

  2. Assigning Lasterstorm to somebody else? Farming out Squad Hammer? Is it the tool-box? Nooooooooooo! It is exactly the two titles I NEED! ;)

  3. I hope you are familiar with my reference, or someone that reads this is, but I have been watching a LOT of "Gears Tactical" on YouTube (because I don't have a computer that will play it), but I thought it would be cool to play a style of it on the table top. So my question is, if you are familiar with it, what rules system of yours would you start with to implement a stylized game base on GT? I am thinking, and leaning toward Hammer of Democracy...

  4. Care to reveal what the Squad Hammer project is?