Saturday, 2 May 2020

New games, new things.

Greetings nerds.
I hope everyone is staying safe.

Being in the Bundle of Holding exposed a ton of people to the fun that is solo gaming and miniatures campaigns. Thank you to everyone that supported the bundle and got games as well as money for charity.

* * *

We've released two new titles:

Knyghte, Pyke and Sworde is medieval game rules as discussed here before:
5-30ish figures, skirmishes well and you get everything from campaign rules to a cool rewards table for your captain.

Suitable for any individually based figures.

And if the future is a bit more your jam, why not Jason's phenomenal cyberpunk skirmish rules Chrome Hammer? Based off Squad Hammer, you can hack, shoot and cyberpunk to your hearts content. And look at that cover!

* * *
I am looking for a bit of hired help.
Specifically the two Five Leagues supplements "The Goblin Hills" and "Dark Woods of Winter" need to be updated. This means making any changes needed to fit second edition standards, fix any bad wordings, replace bad rules with better ones and adding a bit of new content.

You will need to be well versed in Five Leagues and able to match the general tone, as well as what level of complexity is appropriate.
The final document should resemble the general style I use, but does not have to match exactly. I will be making final adjustments etc.

This is a simple job for pay:
250 dollars through paypal if you want to do both, 125 for each otherwise.

If you are curious about what is involved, email me at

* * *
In the same vein, I am looking for someone to take on doing an update of an old NWG title: Laserstorm.
To be honest, I don't have the time to do every project I want to do, let alone all the projects that needs doing.

This will be a bigger project to produce a second edition: Update wordings, add game examples, update and streamline the points system, replace bad rules with good ones and include missing content (such as air units).

It will either be a paid amount up front to be negotiated or a fixed royalty split (35% of sales value (which equates to half the royalties after wargame vault takes their cut).
We can discuss the details.

If you think you have what it takes for this, contact me at as well with a few words about yourself and an offer

* * *
Finally, if you are in a tough situation due to COVID, being out of work or life just generally kicked you in the teeth, email me and I'll hook you up with a free copy of Starport Scum.

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