Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Five Men in Normandy updates

Will wonders never cease?

Thanks to a bit of side funding from Patreon, we're able to spend a bit more time on older projects that need a little oomph here and there.

Five Men in Normandy wasn't the first game I wrote, but it was the first game under the Nordic Weasel branding and while she got a facelift in the 30 cal edition I know there's still die-hards playing the rules.
So I thought I'd add a few tweaks that I think make the game more exciting, as well as give you guys some new content.

* A few updates to how you create your initial squad. It now defaults to 5 rolls with some nations getting a +/- 1 depending on the time of the war.

You can also select to be green, seasoned or veteran which affects your initial skill and gear rolls a tiny bit.

* Enemy forces now default to 4 rolls instead of 3. When fighting the Soviets add +1.

* Force lists are added for Japanese and Chinese forces.

* Rolling "extra grenades" now gives you 3 instead of 2.

* Each army now has a Tactic listed. Basically once per battle, you can swap the Action roll result for the described tactic (scurry, firefight or standard turn).

* The special ability for Finnish troops has been fixed.

* Scurry and Firefight turns no longer allow the enemy to respond. This is a big change, but after testing it, I believe it does make the game a lot more fun to play.

* Standard turns now allow half the squad to activate instead of a fixed number.

* I removed the marching fire rule from self-loading rifles. If you really like it you can keep using it of course but i was never super happy with it.

This is a free update, so go ahead and download your copy of the rules again.

If you downloaded them for free and have had fun, please consider going back and paying a few bucks into the pot.

If you haven't checked the game out yet, no time like the present.
You can find it Pay What You Want here


  1. Excellent! We still enjoy pulling these out occasionally. It always impresses me how these loose and open rules still end up penalising for not playing at least semi-realistically. Thanks for the update!

    1. Sorry the spam filter ate this.
      It's funny how sometimes a very open-handed approach can produce a surprisingly realistic outcome isn't it?