Wednesday, 27 May 2020

2 more writing gigs: Kursk campaigns and WW1/2 air combat

Five Men at Kursk writing gig

I am looking for writers to do one or both of the following projects:

  • A campaign guide for the Soviet-Japanese skirmishes culminating at Khalkin Gol. 

This will follow the structure and approximate format of the “Warsaw is burning” supplement.

As Japanese forces are only sparsely covered by the rulebook, you will need to create force generation tables, vehicle profiles and support tables. 

Possibly a new support table will be needed for Soviet forces as the rulebook table starts at 1941.

The campaign must be playable as either Japanese or Soviet.

The Soviet campaign must allow a player to carry their force over into “Warsaw is burning”. 

  • A campaign guide for the Winter War (1939-40)

This will follow the above guidelines and will require force tables for Finnish and Winter War-appropriate Soviet forces.

The campaign must again be playable as either side.

The Soviet campaign must allow a force that played “Warsaw is burning” to be “imported”. 

* * * * *

You should be well versed in the Kursk game mechanics. If you are an experienced FiveCore player I can supply a copy of the rules to help you get up to speed.

You should understand the general tone of Nordic Weasel products, particularly relating to historical conflicts.

You will do the majority of the writing with help from me as needed. I will handle layout and editing. 
Page count should be in the 20-30 page range.

You will receive half of all profit from copies sold as well as your name listed as the author of course.

Nordic Weasel takes to the skies writing gig

I am looking for a writer to take on air combat in the first or second world war, preferably WW1.

You can adapt an existing NWG game system or write one from scratch.

The end result should be easy and simple to play with minimal book keeping. It can be aimed towards beginners. Ideally the game mechanics should fit in 30 pages or less.

The game must include a NWG style campaign experience where the player follows a set of pilots and engages in random battles. 

  • * * * *

Experience writing wargaming material is recommended but not required. 

You must have a good understanding of mechanics that “fit” in the pantheon of NWG products as well as matching the general tone. 

You will not be required to do any layout, editing etc. 
I will assist with feedback and some design but this will primarily be your game. 

You will receive half of all profit from copies sold as well as being credited as the author of the rules. 

If you are interested in either, contact me at for more details.

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