Thursday, 28 May 2020

Marmoset is here! And other updates

I've received several emails with pitches for the writing gigs.
I will go over them this weekend so please arm yourselves with patience :)

If you would still like to be considered, hit me up over the weekend.

Likewise, if you have an idea for something that would set the indie wargaming world on fire (or maybe the RPG world?) and which doesn't have an example in the NWG line up, why not hit me up?

Now on to the big news:

Five Leagues 1.00, codenamed Marmoset will be live shortly!

What is that ? 1.00? Were we playing a beta version all along?

Not really. When I released the game I had anticipated that there'd be the usual post-launch fixes and improvements so I'd assigned it a version number of 0.9.
With this big update, its finally time to just call it 1.0 and stop looking silly :)

Is this a whole new mess then?

No, there's relatively few rules changes. Rather the focus this time was to add a slew of little new things to increase the fun and variety of the game.

A change-log is in the back of the rules.

Some of these are an indication of general changes in tones (more combat options, more enemy variety) that will come but instead of throwing a bunch of things in there at once, I am doing it gradually so we can adjust things as they happen.

Mechanical changes:
Characters can now hit the dirt to take cover from missile fire as a Non Combat action.

You now also have an option to fight defensively in melee, useful for when you are trying to hold off some beastie while your friends can get there!

Campaign changes:
Instead of requiring a travelers pack to move regions, you now have to pay 4 gold marks in traveling expenses instead.

If no enemy leader is present, a personality will be present on a 4+.

When you finish a campaign and start over, your members will now leave on a 1-2.

The Unusual Finds table can now grant you a new recruit

When setting up a battle, you only roll one die for Oddities. An Oddity is present on a 3+.
The Oddities table has had 2 new results added and one missing result now has text (oops)

The main encounter table has been adjusted a bit. There's less chance of having "no encounter" now.  
You can also find monster tracks which you may opt to follow at our peril.

The Monster chapter now has notes for generic set up when you track down a beastie.

Character changes:
A Crafting skill has been added to aid weapon crafting.

The Gambling skill has been changed. It now offers a re-roll unless the initial score was a 6.

Item changes:
If saving a character from death using a healing herb, an additional 1D3 turns of recovery is required.

The Travelers Pack is now a Pony and negates travel expenses when leaving for a new region.

The Luck potion is now a Potion of Fortune.

A new magic item has been added to the tables (Eyes of the Rat).

Slings are now on the weapon list.

Torches can now be bought and used to light the dark.

Enemy changes:
When  rolling for enemy variations, it's no longer random. Instead you automatically get one strength and one weakness.

The Infernal Personality enemy has been reduced to Toughness 6.
A new beastman type Personality has been added to the table.
The magic ability of the Sorcerer Personality has been adjusted.
The Knight Personality now negates bonuses for outnumbering him.

A new Monster ability (Knock Back) has been added to the rules and granted to Giants and Golems.
Werewolves have the Cruel Wounds ability now.
A new type of Troll has been added to the Monster table.

Each of the 3 main Enemy tables has an additional entry (enemy type) and one of the existing types has had a special rule or ability added.

General changes:
A bunch of touching up to make things easier to read at a glance, as well as a bit of clip art.

I hope you enjoy Marmoset and have many happy hours gaming.

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

2 more writing gigs: Kursk campaigns and WW1/2 air combat

Five Men at Kursk writing gig

I am looking for writers to do one or both of the following projects:

  • A campaign guide for the Soviet-Japanese skirmishes culminating at Khalkin Gol. 

This will follow the structure and approximate format of the “Warsaw is burning” supplement.

As Japanese forces are only sparsely covered by the rulebook, you will need to create force generation tables, vehicle profiles and support tables. 

Possibly a new support table will be needed for Soviet forces as the rulebook table starts at 1941.

The campaign must be playable as either Japanese or Soviet.

The Soviet campaign must allow a player to carry their force over into “Warsaw is burning”. 

  • A campaign guide for the Winter War (1939-40)

This will follow the above guidelines and will require force tables for Finnish and Winter War-appropriate Soviet forces.

The campaign must again be playable as either side.

The Soviet campaign must allow a force that played “Warsaw is burning” to be “imported”. 

* * * * *

You should be well versed in the Kursk game mechanics. If you are an experienced FiveCore player I can supply a copy of the rules to help you get up to speed.

You should understand the general tone of Nordic Weasel products, particularly relating to historical conflicts.

You will do the majority of the writing with help from me as needed. I will handle layout and editing. 
Page count should be in the 20-30 page range.

You will receive half of all profit from copies sold as well as your name listed as the author of course.

Nordic Weasel takes to the skies writing gig

I am looking for a writer to take on air combat in the first or second world war, preferably WW1.

You can adapt an existing NWG game system or write one from scratch.

The end result should be easy and simple to play with minimal book keeping. It can be aimed towards beginners. Ideally the game mechanics should fit in 30 pages or less.

The game must include a NWG style campaign experience where the player follows a set of pilots and engages in random battles. 

  • * * * *

Experience writing wargaming material is recommended but not required. 

You must have a good understanding of mechanics that “fit” in the pantheon of NWG products as well as matching the general tone. 

You will not be required to do any layout, editing etc. 
I will assist with feedback and some design but this will primarily be your game. 

You will receive half of all profit from copies sold as well as being credited as the author of the rules. 

If you are interested in either, contact me at for more details.

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Five Men in Normandy 1.02

Another update to Normandy. Oh my.

This sees a slightly updated Campaign Events table, a mostly rewritten&improved Specialist gear table, US marine force list and one or two other small tweaks.

The only rules change is that the marching fire option that was removed from semi-auto rifles is now also gone from the assault rifle.

Go download your copies again.

Monday, 18 May 2020

A bit of updates on what is brewing

Saying what I am working on is always tricky because there is always something else someone wants, sometimes projects get pushed back or financial concerns (i.e. what sells) dictate what gets priority.

There are a few people out there now working on a number of projects for me.
- This includes a major update to Laserstorm.
- Knyghte Pyke and Sworde supplements for Japan and pike&shot warfare.
- A unit builder for Squad Hammer

While nothing is every certain, I thought those would be things you'd be interested in hearing about.

I am working on something very big that I unfortunately can't talk about just yet. I'll tease a little and say its something that has been on people's wishlists for a while though.

This month, Five Leagues will get an update which I've code-named "Marmoset".
The intent of this is not a major overhaul, but rather to simply add a bit more content throughout the game. That means a couple new items, a couple new magic trinkets, adding a new entry to each of the enemy tables, adding a tiny bit of special rules to some encounters etc.
As well as adjusting a few things based on feedback and emails.

Basically, just making the game a little bit cooler and with a little bit more variety, but without going overboard and changing everything.

I hope that sounds exciting.

There are other things in the works as always, as well as older projects that gets pushed around. At the end of the day, I am a one man operation (though that is slowly changing!) so the rate at which things happen can be pretty variable.

I hope you are all staying safe and sound.

- Ivan

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Five Men in Normandy updates

Will wonders never cease?

Thanks to a bit of side funding from Patreon, we're able to spend a bit more time on older projects that need a little oomph here and there.

Five Men in Normandy wasn't the first game I wrote, but it was the first game under the Nordic Weasel branding and while she got a facelift in the 30 cal edition I know there's still die-hards playing the rules.
So I thought I'd add a few tweaks that I think make the game more exciting, as well as give you guys some new content.

* A few updates to how you create your initial squad. It now defaults to 5 rolls with some nations getting a +/- 1 depending on the time of the war.

You can also select to be green, seasoned or veteran which affects your initial skill and gear rolls a tiny bit.

* Enemy forces now default to 4 rolls instead of 3. When fighting the Soviets add +1.

* Force lists are added for Japanese and Chinese forces.

* Rolling "extra grenades" now gives you 3 instead of 2.

* Each army now has a Tactic listed. Basically once per battle, you can swap the Action roll result for the described tactic (scurry, firefight or standard turn).

* The special ability for Finnish troops has been fixed.

* Scurry and Firefight turns no longer allow the enemy to respond. This is a big change, but after testing it, I believe it does make the game a lot more fun to play.

* Standard turns now allow half the squad to activate instead of a fixed number.

* I removed the marching fire rule from self-loading rifles. If you really like it you can keep using it of course but i was never super happy with it.

This is a free update, so go ahead and download your copy of the rules again.

If you downloaded them for free and have had fun, please consider going back and paying a few bucks into the pot.

If you haven't checked the game out yet, no time like the present.
You can find it Pay What You Want here

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Update on projects I am looking for people for

The Laserstorm update is assigned to somebody currently.
Likewise, a Squad Hammer project has been farmed out.


* * *
I am still looking for a taker to update the Five Leagues supplements.

* * *
I am also looking for someone well versed in Matrix-type gaming and narrative gaming to take a stab at updating War Story to polish off the mechanics a bit, add some tweaks.

* * *
If you really liked Knyghte and want to write something for it, get in touch, especially if you are well versed in Japanese warfare (medieval through muskets), crusade era, roman era or late 1500s European warfare.

EDIT: Pike and Shot and Japanese is tentatively spoken for.

* * *
Do you have what it takes to do an update and polish up of From Shako to Coalscuttle?

If so, get in touch.

EDIT: No more submissions for this one please.

* * *
Finally, if you are a veteran WW2 gamer and understand the Hammer of Democracy rules well, I am looking for someone to work on a 1939 supplement.
Ideally this would include comprehensive unit stats, scenarios and more goodies and should cover both Poland and Finland.

* * *

These are all thing that will be paid, I am not looking for handouts.

Either a modest up front amount or a fifty fifty cut of revenue (after wargame vault takes their cut).

If you have what it takes, reach me at and I'll let you know what I have in mind and we can then figure out where to go from there.

Saturday, 2 May 2020

New games, new things.

Greetings nerds.
I hope everyone is staying safe.

Being in the Bundle of Holding exposed a ton of people to the fun that is solo gaming and miniatures campaigns. Thank you to everyone that supported the bundle and got games as well as money for charity.

* * *

We've released two new titles:

Knyghte, Pyke and Sworde is medieval game rules as discussed here before:
5-30ish figures, skirmishes well and you get everything from campaign rules to a cool rewards table for your captain.

Suitable for any individually based figures.

And if the future is a bit more your jam, why not Jason's phenomenal cyberpunk skirmish rules Chrome Hammer? Based off Squad Hammer, you can hack, shoot and cyberpunk to your hearts content. And look at that cover!

* * *
I am looking for a bit of hired help.
Specifically the two Five Leagues supplements "The Goblin Hills" and "Dark Woods of Winter" need to be updated. This means making any changes needed to fit second edition standards, fix any bad wordings, replace bad rules with better ones and adding a bit of new content.

You will need to be well versed in Five Leagues and able to match the general tone, as well as what level of complexity is appropriate.
The final document should resemble the general style I use, but does not have to match exactly. I will be making final adjustments etc.

This is a simple job for pay:
250 dollars through paypal if you want to do both, 125 for each otherwise.

If you are curious about what is involved, email me at

* * *
In the same vein, I am looking for someone to take on doing an update of an old NWG title: Laserstorm.
To be honest, I don't have the time to do every project I want to do, let alone all the projects that needs doing.

This will be a bigger project to produce a second edition: Update wordings, add game examples, update and streamline the points system, replace bad rules with good ones and include missing content (such as air units).

It will either be a paid amount up front to be negotiated or a fixed royalty split (35% of sales value (which equates to half the royalties after wargame vault takes their cut).
We can discuss the details.

If you think you have what it takes for this, contact me at as well with a few words about yourself and an offer

* * *
Finally, if you are in a tough situation due to COVID, being out of work or life just generally kicked you in the teeth, email me and I'll hook you up with a free copy of Starport Scum.