Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Part 2

As more companies, particularly on the RPG side, are offering some goodies for people stuck at home, here's two more from Nordic Weasel, this time for the WW2 mini's gamers.

Hammer of Democracy discounted to 5 dollars for the current week. Full version, only 5 bucks.

And Five Men at Kursk, our premier WW2 skirmish rules, absolutely free of charge until Friday.

You can get a game of Kursk going with 10 or so minis. Order two boxes of 1/72 scale plastics or a couple of bags of 15mm guys and you are off. 

Heck, if you are stuck inside and broke, grab some miniatures you already have lying around or cut out pieces of paper and write the soldiers name on them. 

If you've never done WW2 before, Kursk gives you the tables to get a campaign going, without fussing over complicated books of organization. 

I hope this makes your stay at home a bit nicer. 

Stay home. Stay safe. 

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  1. That's awesome!! Thanks very much Ivan. So generous!