Thursday, 12 March 2020

Five Parsecs 1.15

Version 1.15 is available, thanks to Patreon supporters.

As promised, this contains no huge changes, just small quality of life improvements.

A few typos have been fixed, notably rooting out a few tables that were still saying "enemies" instead of "rivals".

The equipment chapter now has clear guideline for how much gear a character can lug around: Max 3 weapons (1 of which must be a pistol), 1 Armor, 1 Screen and 2 Implants.
Implants cannot be removed, destroyed or lost.

Weapons can be fitted with a maximum of 1 Gun Mod and 1 Sight. Gun Mods cannot be removed again. Sights can, but are broken if the weapon they are attached to breaks.

All equipment lists should be updated to account for the new item types.

The cost to buy randomly rolled weapons in the campaign is now 3 credits.

Players can buy handguns, blades, colony rifles and shotguns directly for 1 credit a pop.

Two items have been renamed (Old fashioned blade is now just a blade and we had two items named a shift suit)

Lastly, I added a loyalty bonus for fun. Players who own Five Leagues, Five Klicks and Five Parsecs begin the campaign with +1 Story Point.
Really, you can start with any number of Story Points you want, I just figured I'd give the loyal fan a sanctioned thumbs up :)

This is a free update, so go download your files again from the Wargame Vault.

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