Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Five Klicks 1.01 is live.

Update 1.01 to Five Klicks is available on the Wargame Vault.
This update is free to all players and is possible through the generous support of fans on Patreon.

* The silly blank page is gone.

* The "extra item roll" you can get during character creation is now clarified how it was meant to be: Pick one of the four item tables in the character creation table and roll on that.

* The mysterious "enemy" you could roll up during character creation now has rules.
I've included the section below so you don't have to print that chapter again

Every battle where you encounter opposing Leadership figures roll 1D6. On a 6, a random Leadership figure is your old Rival. The Rival cannot be Pinned and never takes Morale tests personally, though they will flee (and may return in a future encounter using the rules above). If you manage to kill your Rival, the killer claims 2 XP.

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