Sunday, 15 March 2020

Cheers gang. 
I hope you'll forgive the joke image but I figured everyone could use a bit of cheer right now.

As we're all bunkering down and waiting for things to improve with COVID-19, I just wanted to share a few words.

Over the past few years, the community of "Weasel Fans" have meant a lot to me. From people helping us out when we were nearly homeless to words of support to the unbridled joy of someone emailing me with pictures from a game they put on with their kids, it means the world to me.
So I hope you all stay safe and follow precautions. 
Hopefully things will turn out for the better and we can laugh about it later.

I was in two minds about trying to do any kind of sale right now, since I was worried it'd seem ghoulish, but a friend pointed out that since a lot of people are kind of economically vulnerable right now, it'd probably be a nice gesture.

Besides, I know from personal experience what having the kids out of school is like and they can't play Xbox all day, right?

So I put up a bundle deal for 5 Parsecs and 5 Leagues for a few bucks off.

If you don't have any hobby budget but want some gaming to tide you over, we have a couple really cool titles you can grab at Pay What You Want level:

Go give those a look. If you feel weird about not paying, you can always come back later and throw a few bucks in the hat.

Lastly, if any of you are lonely or worried or don't have anyone to reach out to, if you want someone to listen, hit me up at and I'll listen. 

Best wishes friends. 

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