Sunday, 16 February 2020

Five parsecs 1.14

Version 1.14 brings a couple small tweaks:

* The term Stash is now a proper rules term, which means it should be in bold in the text.

* A few clarifications to common questions have been added to the back of the rules. In particular: No, you can't take weapons off dead enemies.
Yes, during the campaign turn, you can use items from your stash without having to assign them to a crew member. Stashed items just can't be used in battle.

* When rolling your starting crew, the Fame and Freedom motivations no longer generate a Rival. It was getting a bit too hostile to start out.

* Quest Rumors and Clues have been cleaned up. Before, the terms weren't always consistent.
The way it works now is that if you dont have an active quest, all rumors/clues are always rumors (which help you get a quest).

Once you have an active quest, all rumors/clues you find are clues towards resolving that quest.

The only mechanical change is that getting a quest now removes ALL rumors, instead of just removing equal to the die roll.

There's probably no reason to print out a new copy.

Also included is the fantastic campaign tracking sheet Chris on the Discord made. It's a separate file in the download so go check it out. Its completely awesome.

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