Friday, 10 January 2020

5 Parsecs 1.13

As promised, the next release would be mostly bug-fixes and that's what we got.

Basically, a number of typos, awkward wordings and similar have been cleaned up.
If you printed out 1.12 there is no reason to print it all again.

If you waited to print, go for it now.

The main correction that might affect game play is that the bonus XP for killing a Boss is now applied whenever you kill a Unique Individual (which was meant to have been the case in 1.12).
I also adjusted the Trade table a tiny bit to lower the odds of useless junk.

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  1. not sure where to find an email address for you?

    wanted to ask about support for Dungeon Scum.
    I'm going to invest in it regardless, but it would just be nice to know.