Sunday, 15 December 2019

Patreon update and talk

So I wanted to do a quick update on what we've done through the Patreon so far:

Five Parsecs

Two rules updates. Currently working on a big overhaul to the Enemy tables which will be incredibly cool.

These items have been available to all players.

Five Leagues

One rules update adding 5 new items to the game. (Available to everyone)
Two chapters of the story campaign (chapter 2 just got posted yesterday).
The campaign is only available for Patrons at the moment but the plan is that every 5 chapters, I'll bundle it up for general sale.

I have 5 more items in the pipeline and we'll get Chapter 3 this month as well.

Renegade Scout

Two unit packs have been released. The plan is to do a third pack and a pack covering a general pick-up mission system.
These have been available for 5+ dollar Patrons and also sold separately.

So that's what we've achieved so far and what is in store for December.
Once we are through the holidays, I'd like to also start a Five Parsecs story campaign but I don't want to overcommit and get everybody mad :)

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