Friday, 6 December 2019

Hopes of Glory 2, updates and Five Leagues product listing

Greetings gamers.

I am excited to announce that Hopes of Glory has been updated to be compliant with the second edition Five Leagues rules.

What is Hopes of Glory? It is a gritty military campaign module, allowing your warband to take on mercenary work during the perpetual border skirmishes that the nobility tends to get up to.
New encounters, new skills to learn, a variety of interesting people to meet, whether you want tactical combat or pseudo-RPG experiences, Hopes of Glory has them. 

You can of course use your existing warband or create a brand new one as you prefer.

This updated edition offers full compatibility with second edition rules, additional enemy types and encounters, new skills and more.
I’ve also double-checked and made sure that as many items and skills from other second edition sources have been accounted for, so as many of your questions as possible are answered up front.

 * * * * *

Additionally, Roads Well Traveled, Tools of War and the core Five Leagues rules have all seen small updates to take Hopes of Glory into account, adding notes on how material will function within that campaign.
Go ahead and download your new files.
Five Leagues also features a chance to the post-battle Unusual Finds table (reducing the chances of finding stuff a little, just to avoid loot inflation).

 * * * * *
With that, I thought it’d be timely to remind you of the material available for the second edition rules, all available by going to the Nordic Weasel section :

We have 3 Micro Packs, each offering a bite-sized new “thing” to add to your games (a new companion, a town, a quest).

We have The Sunken Temple, the first scenario pack, offering you a mini adventure to play through and get some nice loot.

Tools of War offers new skills, items and options for your games.

Roads Well Travelled expands the Roadside Encounters aspect of the game, offering improved tables with more results (and more unique results too).

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