Monday, 23 December 2019

Greetings gamers, Christmas is here and that also means the Wargame Vault Winter Offensive.

That's 25% off almost everything I've ever done.
What are you into?

* Solo fantasy adventure?

* WW2 skirmishing?

* Modern company level warfare?

* 6mm scifi?

Whether FiveCore, Laserstorm, Five Men at Kursk or Five Leagues From the Borderlands is your jam, we have tons of games for you, almost all 25% off.

Don't forget that most of our games have at least one expansion available, so it's a perfect time to fill out your collections.

Unsure of what to get? Kind of new to miniatures gaming?

My recommendations would be:

Our fantasy solo rules, allowing you to explore the world and level up a war band as you face off against the forces of darkness. Silver seller on Wargame Vault, all 5's for review scores. Perfect for that RPG feel without requiring 5 hour sessions and a 5 person group.

Hammer of Democracy, WW2 tactical warfare focusing on combined arms. Complete with a points system, unit traits and extremely easy to learn game play that doesn't sacrifice any flavor.

Silver seller as well.

Finally Renegade Scout, our "Rogue Trader" love letter. Fantastic aliens, rules for everything you need on and off the battlefield and an expanding range of support products. Another solid "all 5 stars" silver seller, which received positive posts in the "Oldhammer" bloggosphere. Bring new game polish to old school gaming.

Whatever you decide to get, I hope you have a great holiday.

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