Tuesday, 31 December 2019

Five Parsecs 1.12 just in time for new years!

Last update of the decade!

Five Parsecs 1.12 took a bit longer than I had expected, but I think you'll find it was worth the trouble.

What is included?

Quite a lot actually.

New Enemy tables
These are huge. There are four new enemy tables, each with a ton of opponents to fight.
The selection even depends (a little) on the mission type too.

Many enemies now have special rules to distinguish them further and they have more variation in their weapon selection.

This should dramatically increase the variation and replay value of the game.

Unique Individuals
The enemy can be accompanied by special individuals similar to Five Leagues but with far more options available.

Morale changes
Morale now works more like it does in Five Leagues.

New AI "modes" have been added (Beast, Defensive and Guardian).

The timing of Brawling combat has been clarified and the rules explicitly cover fighting multiple opponents and fighting Stunned opponents.

Panic fire
An option has been added where you can empty the magazine for more shots NOW.

Battlefield finds
A new rewards system has been added, allowing you to scavenge a bit in addition to the Loot roll.

Weapons updates
The weapons table is longer now and some have been redone a bit. The Area and Terrifying traits are updated.
Note that not every weapon on the table can currently be acquired. This is intentional. Some are for scenarios or for later additions.

Some enemies now have a risk of the world you are on being invaded, which means you'll have to get out of there NOW.

What should I print?
If you have printed the rules, I apologize since the updates affect almost everything. I'd reprint the morale, encounter and weapon tables and go from there.

As there are always some corrections, typos etc. please hold off on printing everything for a couple of days.

So what does the future hold then?
With this massive update, I intend to let the Five Parsecs core rules sit for a bit without changing more stuff.
While keeping the rules as a "living" project is great, obviously it also needs to establish some stability to be playable.

With that in mind, while we will no doubt have the inevitable "bug fix" update in a week or two, as typos and weird wording gets rooted out, core rules updates will be on hiatus for a little bit.
Instead, I'll focus on expansion material like more psionic stuff, alien characters etc.

I know people also want to see scenarios, so look forward to that.

Is this update for Patreon only?
Nope. It's for all of you. It was made possible through Patreon support so thank those guys and consider pitching in if you can.

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