Monday, 2 December 2019

Five Leagues Patreon adventure and Five Parsecs 1.11

In case you don't check the Patreon page, the first chapter of the Five Leagues campaign has been uploaded.
This marks the start of a campaign you'll be able to play through as it unfolds.

The exciting thing is that the "stand alone" nature means I can also use it as a testbed for ideas over time, before they show up in expansions or other material.

The campaign chapter is available to anyone who is a Patron, so swing over and get your adventure started!

If you prefer to just purchase conventional material, the chapters will be compiled and published separately down the road, but I do not know what form that will take or when I want to do that. I am still feeling out all this Patreon business.

* * * *
Five Parsecs has been updated to 1.11.
The only change is that the Battle Conditions table now has 10 entries on it instead of 6.

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