Monday, 16 December 2019

Assorted non-Patreon news and holiday news

A few updates on various things going on.

On the Squad Hammer front, with the kind help of a supporter, we'll have a snazzy looking version of the People's Edition available soon. No changes to the content, just using artwork that was available under an open license.
Additionally, there'll also be a stripped down version with no swank whatsoever, suitable for people who need to hack it apart to build their own games.

These will just be made available to anyone owning the original "People's Edition"

* * * * *

I've taken down the link for Five Klicks. WHAT?
Relax. I realized that trying to do all three "phases" of the game and keep it updated and consistent for each change is becoming a mess.
So I am taking down the sales link for right now, so over the holidays I can work on "Chapter 1" - which will be a fully stand-alone version focusing on the wasteland stuff.

Once that's done, everyone who bought the beta version gets a comp copy, and then we can start working on Chapter 2.

I'm sorry it's taken so long, I just miscalculated the best way of doing it and should have stuck to how I usually do things.

TLDR - If you bought the current version, you get Chapter 1 when it's done, no worries. You should still be able to download the beta copy if you like. If it gives you trouble, just email me and I'll sort you out.

* * * * *
Lastly, if I can get it done before Christmas, there'll be an updated version of an old rules set available.
It's one of the smaller things I did, but I've been tweaking it for a little bit and I think it fills a nice gap in the current line up.
Stay tuned!

* * * * *

If anyone wants to get me a bit of gaming goodness for Christmas, you can find my drivethru wishlist here 

I would also be very grateful for Itunes gift card/credit.

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